Laura Ashley Has Launched A New Collection For Girls & It's So Nostalgic

When I became a mom to two little girls, I had a ton of dreams about how this role in life would play out. Sheets covered in tiny rosebuds, reading Little Women to them during the winter, and a closet full of Laura Ashley dresses. OK, maybe that last one was more of a nostalgia-induced dream, but it no longer has to be. The designer you wore pretty much constantly if you grew up in the late '80s, early '90s is now back with a new Laura Ashley collection for girls, and it's going to make your sentimental heart go berserk.

Laura Ashley has been "back" for a bit. The Laura Ashley collab with Urban Outfitters has been pretty popular, and the signature floral prints are basically timeless. It's no wonder that moms today — the same moms who donned these dresses for kindergarten graduations and piano recitals — are now looking to put their own little girls in them. But gone are the extra lacy "bib" pieces that went over the dresses and the giant billowy sleeves. This new collection from Laura Ashley, which is available for girls ages 7 to 16 and available in sizes small to extra-large, is a modern, classic, and picture perfect.

But according to the press release for the brand, "the launch collection features iconic Laura Ashley ruffles, tiered dresses, ditsy florals, and oh-so '80s bows." So you know, if you were really looking for nostalgia, here you are. The collection includes dresses — both casual and dressier options — as well as casual styles like tanks and skorts.

“The new girls’ fashion line is inspired by generations of women who grew up wearing Laura Ashley,” Laura Ashley President Penne Cairoli said in the press release. “We’ve had a high demand from moms who want their daughters to also wear our clothes. Nothing makes us happier than to know that Laura Ashley has had such an impact on women of all ages who connect our fashion to a special time in their lives.”

Special time, indeed. Do you remember wearing a Laura Ashley dress for Easter or for a family photo? Take that sweet nostalgia and turn it into a memory for your kids. I personally love that a lot of the items in this collection aren't too "fussy." The jersey dress above features pockets for the girl who's got plenty of things to carry, and it's perfect for playtime.

And for those who have even younger kiddos, don't fret. According to the same press release, August will find Laura Ashley launching a collection for little girls in sizes 2T to 6x. So basically, the whole family can be outfitted in sweet rosebuds, lacy details, and classic patterns like gingham. There is something so wholesome and sweet about the Laura Ashley collection — like you've wandered into a Calico Critters house and taken a look inside Mrs. Hedgehog's closet — that I can't help but squeal at all these new patterns. I love the ladybug prints and the lace eyelet dresses, but I also love that the looks are so timeless they can easily be passed down from sibling to sibling. With two little girls, I'm looking for clothes that last, and if my collection of Laura Ashley dresses in my parents' attic is any indication — these are built to be heirlooms. (Or, you know, clothes you just can't let go of because ~memories~.)