Lauren Duggar Reveals A Sweet Detail About Her Pregnancy While Wishing Josiah HBD

Josiah and Lauren Duggar of TLC's Counting On have only been married for a little more than a year but boy, have these two been through it together already. The couple have been open about all of their difficulties in their first year of marriage, which is refreshing when so many newlyweds might be struggling with the same issues themselves. That being said, the couple are clearly in their marriage for the long haul. They've come through a tough time and are now enjoying a blissful new stage of happiness together. In fact, Lauren Duggar's birthday message to Josiah included a sweet detail about her pregnancy that hints at a deep, renewed connection between the couple.

Back in May, Lauren and Josiah Duggar announced they were expecting a baby, less than one year after losing their first baby to a miscarriage in October 2018. The couple are expecting a baby girl, as they announced in an Instagram post to their shared account on June 25, writing: "We are so thrilled to announce that we are having....................a GIRL!!! Baby girl, you are already so loved and a joy to our family! Your fingers are small but you already have your daddy’s wrapped around them and you will forever have mommy’s heart."

Ever since they announced Lauren's second pregnancy, the couple seem to have hit their stride. So much so that Lauren celebrated Josiah's 23rd birthday on Wednesday with an emotional post naming all the things she loves about her husband, including the way he "[loves] our babies." She wrote, "I love how you love our babies, and I love how our baby girl reacts to her daddy’s voice by her sweet kicks."

Both Josiah and Lauren have been adamant about including their first baby, who they named Asa, whenever they discuss their family. When the couple announced they were expecting they referred to their upcoming bundle of joy as baby number two, writing on Instagram: "So, as we rejoice of the life of our second sweet baby, we also remember (balloon as symbolism) our other sweet baby, Asa, in heaven."

Experiencing a miscarriage is always difficult and it clearly put a strain in their relationship. When the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary on June 30, they admitted they had experienced "more downs than ups" in the past 12 months. As they shared on Instagram, "We’ve had more downs than ups than any newly married couple should ever have. We wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s our story. We are SO blessed!"

Josiah and Lauren Duggar might have gone through some rough moments in their first year of marriage, but those difficulties seem to have given way to a real appreciation for each other. Not just as husband and wife but as the mother and father they will soon be to their little girl. Lauren Duggar could have chosen any words at all to celebrate her husband for his birthday, but the qualities she seems to most admire in him are the ones that tell her he will be a good father. And after all they've been through, that's pretty beautiful.