Lauren Duggar Reveals Her Pregnancy Hasn't Been Easy

Counting On star Lauren Duggar announced her pregnancy in May, less than a year after revealing she had suffered a miscarriage. Following the announcement, she took a small break from social media after sharing a post on June 30. But now Lauren Duggar is sharing a pregnancy update after some time way, revealing these past few months haven't been easy.

Lauren tends to post often on social media, so it's really no surprise some fans took notice when she broke from the 'gram for a month and almost two weeks after her celebrating her one year wedding anniversary with husband, Josiah Duggar.

"Happy 1st Father’s Day honey!" Lauren captioned a shot of the couple's picnic, referencing her unborn child and her miscarriage. "I’m So proud our children have you as their daddy!"

But after the upbeat post, Lauren went dark on social until her return on Aug. 10. In her message, the reality star revealed her pregnancy journey hasn't been "easy" so far, but that she's cherishing every moment regardless.

"Life is such a gift and something I cherish more now, with all that we have gone through this past year," she captioned a photo of her bump. "This pregnancy hasn’t been easy. I treasure every moment and I am reminded daily that life is truly a miracle from God."

Lauren didn't elaborate on why her pregnancy has been difficult, but fans did encourage her to find strength during this time.

"Awww I’m sorry this pregnancy hasn’t been easy," one person wrote. "I understand I had several of those myself. Hang in there pretty girl the end result is so worth all the heartache and pain!"

Another fan commented: "Such a beautiful picture. Keep your chin up Lauren, you'll make it to the end. Your joy will be over flowing and will be so excited to see your new little baby girl. Take care."

"Been there!" someone else said. "Baby after three miscarriages in a row is 17 now. I needed a lot of distracting for those nine months! Hang in there."

As Lauren revealed in June, she and Josiah are expecting a baby girl sometime this fall.

“We are so grateful that God has blessed us with a sweet baby girl!” the couple said in a joint statement on the Duggar family's website. “If she only knew how loved she is already and how many people are already praying for her! She truly is a gift… a miracle from God.”

Lauren isn't the only Duggar expecting a little girl this fall, as both Anna and Kendra Duggar will welcome baby girls sometime in the later half of 2019.

Speaking of Lauren's in-laws, they have been completely supportive of her during these past few years. When Lauren miscarried, for instance, Jessa Duggar penned a heartfelt tribute of support.

"I’ve watched Lauren converse with people who have been unknowingly insensitive, and I am amazed by her graciousness," she wrote on Instagram in February. "I’ve heard some try to give reasons or explanations, not realizing that their unsolicited opinions might be very painful, like salt to a wound."

It's nice to know Lauren has a wide circle of support as she goes through these final months of pregnancy. Hang in there, mama.