11 Lazy Minion Costumes That Are Just As Cute As The Real Thing

Minions are seriously cute. With the latest Despicable Me 3 movie that came out this year, I feel like everyone has a little bit of minion fever. They're also the perfect costume for you to dress your baby up as or to wear as a family ensemble. With Halloween less than a week away, lazy, easy minion costumes are the perfect outfit hack if you're low on time (and budget).

Beyond just buying the costume, think outside the box with things you might already have at home to make looks inspired by the Minions movie, from evil rogue purple minions to an easy version of villain Scarlet Overkill. All of these are great for the low maintenance person or busy mom with little time on her hands. A lot of these also have zero sewing involved, so you don't have to worry about spending extra time learning how to stitch. A last minute Minion costume is great for kid-friendly parties and you can show off your minimalist skills to your friends and family. Everyone will want to be a minion after you master these easy DIY projects. Here are 11 lazy minion costumes that are as adorable as anything you'd find on Pinterest.


Face paint, overalls, and goggles

Here's what you need: yellow face paint ($1.95, Party City), a pair of blue overalls ($29.99, H & M), a yellow shirt, and swimming goggles or safety goggles that you probably had to buy for your child's science class. If you're feeling it, you could get some Despicable Me 2 Minion Goggles ($5.99, Target), but that's it! Smear your face with some yellow face paint, pop on the goggles, and wear a yellow shirt under the overalls.


Black and White Striped Onesie and Goggles

This inspiration comes from Despicable Me 3 when the minions are in prison. Starting with making some DIY goggles: Take two mason jar lid rings ($17.99, Amazon), glue them together with super glue or a hot glue gun. Take a black elastic headwrap headband ($2, Hollar), cut it, and attach the two ends to each side of the lid. I give you lazy DIY minion goggles.

For baby, there are endless options for black-and-white striped onesies ($7.99, FullSource). You can add a blue elastic headband or a hat if you have one laying around.


Hula Skirt, Facepaint, Duct Tape Rolls

Ukulele not included. You'll need a grass or hey hula skirt ($3.99, Oriental Trading), the goggles (I'll get to that in a second), black nitrile gloves ($4.71, Amazon), and a lei if you have one. The coconut bra ($8.50, Walmart) is optional, but you can find one pretty easily. Here's a lazy DIY way to make the goggles: Take a grey duct tape roll and two black elastic head wrap bands. Cut them to make long strands. Tie each to one of the duct tape rolls, and then tie the loose ends together at the back of your head. Here's a more sophisticated tutorial if you're feeling less lazy.


Just Buy One

There's one for girls ($19.99, Party City), there's one for boys ($24.99, Party City), there's one for toddlers ($15.98, Oriental Trading), one for baby ($19.14+, Etsy), and there's one for you ($31.98, Oriental Trading) and your partner ($39.99, Party City). This is the easiest, laziest alternative. It's already packed up and ready for you to pick up.


Easy Scarlet

This one is more for you than for your little one.

First thing's first, you'll need a red A-line ($34.42, Liligal) or empire dress for yourself ($19.21, Rose Wholesale). There are also some options for younger girls ($39.99, JJ's House) for your daughter (or son if that's what he wants to be for Halloween).

Next, get some black tights, and find ballroom black gloves ($12.99, Party City) at a vintage store or online. Take a black tie that you know you're not going to wear, and cut it to make the choker that Scarlet wears.


The Queen

First, find a white dress. There's some good maternity options ($49.98, Macy's) and options for if you're not pregnant ($179.99, Century 21). Ask your mom or your grandmother for a gaudy oversized brooch ($16.00, Etsy). You can also find these at thrift and vintage stores.

Get out a purple scarf or fold a purple unfitted bed sheet and pin it with safety pins. Attach the brooch to where you'd want to have it by your heart and (this is key) put the brooch pin through the sash and the dress. This way it stays in place without you having to fidget with it all night.

Pull out your best costume jewelry and pile it on, namely a decked out necklace and some earrings. You want to look absolutely royal. You can fake bangs by combing your hair to the front and using well placed bobby pins. There's an easy, lazy bang tutorial if you feel like watching it.

The crown is a little... excessive. Get a BK crown with your next whopper, and you're good to go. This person made a whole lot of effort in transforming it, but that takes way too much time.


Crown Stealing Minion

Use the first costume as a template, add black nitrile gloves, a purple velvet crown ($9.57+, Etsy), and a red cape ($14.99, Party City). Now you're the ruler of the royal jewels. Mic drop.


Yellow T-shirt version

Find a yellow T-shirt, tuck it in to some denim shorts ($24.99, H & M) or blue jeans. Grab some suspenders ($5.99, H & M) from a friend, and attach them to your pants. Finish the look with a yellow snap back hat ($9.99, Amazon).


The Onesie

There's a onesie for everyone. here's one for your toddler ($19.19, Target). Here's one for baby ($14.51, Amazon), and even one for you ($27.99, Target).


The TuTu Version

Get a minion T-shirt ($18.95-21.95, Sears), grab a blue tutu, pull on some yellow tights or leggings ($6.90, Forever 21), and you're good to go. This is inspired by a not-so-lazy DIY tutorial.


11.The Evil Purple Minion

Let out your evil side by getting a purple hoodie ($36.99, Target), black nitrile gloves, purple tights or leggings ($24.99, Kohl's), and a black apron ($3.29, Chef's Closet) or black bib overalls ($63.99, Gap). Add the logo with a silver Sharpie.

For the extra touch, you can buy this crazy purple hair headband for really cheap ($4.97, Oriental Trading).

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