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LeeAnne Locken Confronts Stephanie & Cary On 'Real Housewives' & Shows Her True Colors

The Real Housewives of Dallas episode "Making Frenemies" marks LeeAnne "The Dallas Charity Queen" Locken's tragic slide into the delusion that she is the official authority on how to behave like a grown woman, which, according to her, is a lesson several of her cast mates still need to learn. LeeAnne Locken confronts Stephanie and Cary on Real Housewives of Dallas basically to scold them for hanging out with Brandi, whom she perceives as trashy, inappropriate, and unfit to share her airspace at a charity event.

It all starts when Tiffany, the rocker's wife with whom LeeAnne goes way back, admits that she sort of likes hanging out with Stephanie, Brandi's BFF. LeeAnne is flummoxed, but decides that, if these women are going to be in her social circle, she's at least going to sit down with them and teach them how to behave at charity functions (eg., no poop hats allowed). And yes, it's every bit as condescending as you would imagine.

The sit-down lunch involves LeeAnne reiterating over and over again, "Respect is a really big thing for me," citing all the "elderly women" at the Mad Hatter's Luncheon who were offended by Brandi's irreverence. For context, Brandi is not even present at this confrontation. LeeAnne's respectability politics are so backwards that she's sitting there telling Cary and Stephanie that Brandi's actions reflect poorly on them, and the only way to escape the judgement of the charity world is to stop associating with her.

LeeAnne is so concerned with how people perceive her that she even passes around a printout of her friend's charity world gossip blog (oh, it's a real thing), in which Brandi gets dragged through the mud for her poop hat stunt.

Both Cary and Stephanie try to explain that they aren't terribly concerned with what people think of them and that they attend charity functions to support charities. But LeeAnne goes on an "it's called appropriateness" tirade that essentially culminates in the decree that if people in Dallas society judge you, then you won't raise funds for your charities.

As fans were quick to point out, the core beliefs around which LeeAnne is basing her perceptions of propriety and respect are totally off-base.

It's not a total surprise that LeeAnne thinks this way — she's an outsider who has found her way into an elite group, and she believes that, to stay a part of that group, she has to follow its rules to the letter. But not everyone is in Dallas charity survival mode, socially speaking, or paying quite so much attention to it as a "career." To force the rest of the Housewives into her "appropriate" groupthink is only going to alienate her from the women and her from the Real Housewives of Dallas fanbase.