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These Memes & Tweets About "Left Horse" At The Royal Wedding Are Just Too Much

Much like the Grumpy Flower Girl at Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's wedding, there is now an unexpected viral character from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's ceremony — a horse. OK, specifically it's the "left horse" in the carriage procession from St George's Chapel to Windsor Castle, and the memes and tweets about "left horse" prove literally everyone noticed. I mean, the sass on this horse.

Many tweets and memes are comparing "left horse" to the viral "left shark" sensation Katy Perry's back-up dancer started at the 2015 Super Bowl, but to be honest, left horse is so much more than that. For one thing, this isn't a sporting event — this is a royal wedding. And for another, there's still a person sitting on that horse who has to help control it so it doesn't knock over all the policemen and barricades lining the path. Can you imagine the horse getting into that crowd of people? It's enough to make you want to throw up honestly. (And I was already feeling pretty nervous about this whole royal wedding thing.) I mean, check out how much that horse is dancing.

Was it the noise? Was it the crowd? Was the horse pissed off because it really wanted to meet the queen and they just rushed it down the street? Nobody knows (unless you're like an animal behaviorist). But it's pretty obvious the rider was having a tough time keeping the horse in line. As it got a little excited, trotting a bit faster than the others and waving its tail, we all thought it was under control. But then good ol' left horse took a veer to the left, nearly knocking over a policeman, and Twitter took major notice.

"Left Horse" Is Left Shark

I mean, really. Left shark kind of took center stage, despite being a literal back-up dancer, and it's obvious this horse was trying to pull the same stunt. (OK, so maybe the horse wasn't literally trying to steal the spotlight, but it worked, my friend.) You're now a viral sensation, Left Horse. Maybe someone will interview you in a few years to see how you're holding up with all the fame.

This Horse Is All Of Us In Some Capacity

For real, that horse was just trying to get by with life. We've all been there, right? If leading the procession is his job and he's feeling like this, I think we can all relate. He's tired, he's hungry, he's over it — or he's just really trying to have a good time during his job. Really, it makes sense.

That Rider Is A Hero

Seriously. Can someone get that rider a glass of champagne or something for their nerves? He remained entirely calm while he was in the royal wedding procession (Can you imagine the stress?), trying desperately to keep his wayward horse in line. I would be a total panicked mess, but man this rider is cool as a cucumber. (On the outside at least. He might have been screaming on the inside.)

Literally Everyone's Happy, Including The Horses

You know, maybe that horse was just going with its own rhythm because it was literally that happy. Like all of us, doing a little dance in honor of Prince Harry, now the Duke of Sussex, and the now Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is totally acceptable. You go on with your bad self, left horse. Just try not to step on any toes. (And dude, give your rider a break.)