LEGO Baby Yoda
Samantha Darby/Romper

You've Got Baby Yoda Fever & The Only Cure Is This LEGO Mandalorian Set

We are nowhere near ready to ease up on our love of all things Baby Yoda, and honestly, how can we be expected to chill our vibe when the tiny Jedi is just so adorable? And now you can build your very own LEGO versions of Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. (Because The Child needs his masked chaperone.)

The Lego BrickHeadz Baby Yoda and Mandalorian sets are now available for preorder on Amazon (to be delivered on August 1 for $20). The set is 240 pieces strong, so it's not for the smallest of children given the focus required and choking hazards posed. These BrickHeadz are also a wonderfully analog toy, with no batteries required, and nothing to make noise as you try to drink your coffee. As someone who has made her fair share of LEGO BrickHeadz (Hermione, Wonder Woman, and Rey Skywalker are my favorites), I can tell you that they are well worth the effort required to build.

First displayed at the New York City Toy Fair, these are set to be all the rage as Season 2 of The Mandalorian releases this October (per TechRadar), so make sure you have the set ready. Because you know that if you wait, it will sell out. That is the way of all things LEGO.

BrickHeadz, much like Funko Pop! toys and action figures, are designed to be collected. They are so much fun to put together, but it's equally fun having them displayed throughout your home. Mine live on the bookshelf in my office, in front of a particularly stodgy text about John Stuart Mill. One might say they contribute to the greatest happiness of those who enter my office. (Philosophical deep cut right there.)

There are Storm Trooper BlockHeadz, a Yoda (The elder) and Luke set, a Rey and Kylo set, and others, so you could have a whole theme party going on for your Star Wars figurines. Defeat the Dark Side one brick at time.