LGBT Motorcycle Gang Delivers Breast Milk To Babies & It's A Brilliant Use Of Resources

Necessity is the motherhood of all invention, right? And sometimes, it's motherhood itself that needs some sort of invention... or intervention. There are babies in this world who desperately need the immunity-boosting properties of breast milk in their little bellies, and not all of those babies have access to a breast. And that's where these amazing everyday heroes come in. This LGBT motorcycle gang delivers breast milk to babies in need. In other news; it turns out planet earth is still kinda awesome.

The New York Milk Bank is in the breast milk business; as Executive Director Julie Bouchet-Horwitz pointed out to The New York Post; "We have a product. Our product is human milk. So what we do is, women who have too much milk, we screen them, test their blood, pasteurize it, and then distribute it." And therein lies the rub; the distribution of said breast milk to babies in need. Babies who were born premature, babies whose mothers are not able to produce enough milk for them. Premature babies in particular need breast milk to protect them from necrotizing enterocolitis, a debilitating intestinal infection. How best to get breast milk to these babies? Obviously a motorcycle gang made up of good-hearted lesbians. Duh.

Enter The Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club (and oh my God, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how utterly badass-yet-also-sweet the name Sirens is for a gang of bikers? Can we please?), a group of women who get together to ride bikes and basically just represent. According to their website, The Sirens are the oldest, largest women's motorcycle club in New York City. They have been going strong since one of the first members put an ad in The Village Voice over 25 years ago in 1986. So what are The Sirens all about? Well, as one of member puts it:

The Sirens represent strong women. Period.

Bouchet-Horwitz had the brilliant idea of using motorcycles to collect breast milk from donors and then deliver to facilities; "because of the traffic jams in the city." A baby in need of breast milk can't wait out traffic jams, and motorcycles can weave in and out of traffic much quicker than a car or a truck.

The Sirens jumped right on board to help deliver the breast milk.

One member told The New York Post; "It was pretty unanimous that we wanted to help out."

Beyond delivering breast milk to babies in need, which would already put them in the running for coolest chicks around, The Sirens noticed an added benefit to their deliveries: being role models for little girls.

Little girls, when they see us on the road, they light up. Like 'wow, we can ride motorcycles like that.'

How cool is that?