For A Chill Mother's Day, Grab Mom & Watch Lifetime's Thrilling Movie Lineup

On Mother’s Day, you might take your mom out for brunch, give her flowers and jewelry, or spend the morning having her pampered at the salon. But when all the excitement is said and done, what can you do the rest of the day? Luckily, if you are sitting in Sunday evening, you can turn to Lifetime’s Mother’s Day movie lineup to enjoy some quality chill time at home with your mom.

Unfortunately, unlike Valentine’s Day and Christmas, Mother’s Day is a holiday that doesn’t really get any celebratory movies. And while Lifetime’s movies may not be about the holiday per say, they do offer some riveting mother-daughter stories that will keep you glued to the TV. So, after a morning full of sweet gifts and lovey-dovey sentiments, you can still spend the rest of the day with your mom doing something fun.

Lifetime will begin airing their Mother’s day lineup at 12 p.m. on Sunday, May 12, which will continue until midnight. This gives you more than enough time to break out some wine, cheese, and popcorn, while you cozy onto the couch with mom. Here’s a breakdown of all the movies you can expect to see on Lifetime this Mother’s Day:

Love You To Death (12 p.m. ET)


Inspired the riveting true story of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard, Love You To Death tells the story of a mom, Camile (Marcia Gay Harden) and her daughter, Esme (Emily Skeggs) who seem like the perfect pair until Camile is found stabbed to death in her home and Esme goes missing. Esme turns out to be a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and in order to escape her abusive mother, she plots a dangerous and deadly plan.

The Wrong Mother (2 p.m. ET)

In The Wrong Mother, Kelsey Larsen (Vanessa Marcil) is a woman who always dreamed of becoming a mother, and after a succesful in vitro procedure, she gives birth to beautiful twin babies. But after an accident, when she needs some help at home, Kelsey ends up hiring a nurse with a dangerous agenda. The nurse (Brooke Nevin) turns out to be the egg donor Kelsey used, and she’s come back to take her babies.

Mommy’s Little Princess (4 p.m. ET)


Mommy’s Little Princess tells the story of a career woman named Juliana (Alicia Leigh Willis) who, along with her boyfriend, decides to adopt a 10-year-old girl named Lizzy (Sarah Abbott). Lizzy spent most of her life under the care of her drug addicted mother, not ever knowing who her father was. When Juliana gets Lizzy an online gene test, they discover that Lizzy’s dad is related to the German royal family. This notion becomes an obsession for Lizzy, and eventually develops into an unhealthy fascination with being a princess. As Lizzy begins to lose her sanity, Juliana and her 17-year-old daughter step in to save her from her deadly actions.

Mommy Group Murder (6 p.m. ET )


Becoming a member of a mother’s group comes with a price in Mommy Group Murder. The film tells the story of a new mom who joins a mommy group to help her deal with the stresses of marriage and motherhood. But when one of the group member’s husband is found dead, the new mother is convinced that someone from the group is behind it. Before something deadly happens to her own family, she fights to find out the truth and expose it.

Killer Grandma (8 p.m. ET)


Killer Grandma — a brand new movie from Lifetime — tells the story of Melissa, a married woman with an 8-year-old daughter who asks her mother-in-law to come stay with her. She soon realizes that her mother-in-law is plotting to kidnap her daughter, so Melissa must do whatever it takes to stop her.

Homekilling Queen (10:03 p.m. ET )


Another brand-new film from Lifetime, Homekilling Queen, follows Whitney and Connie Manning, a wealthy, entitled mother-daughter duo who are hellbent on making Whitney her school’s homecoming queen. When another student, Natasha Hart, decides to pursue the title as well, Whitney and Connie wage a war to stop her from running.

Now that you have the full lineup ready, all you need to do is get some snacks ready, order some carryout, and sit back and chill with your mom.