Lines From President Obama's WHCD Speech That Remind Us Why We're All Going To Miss Him

This year's annual White House Correspondents' Dinner was President Obama's last, and the guy did not hold back during his speech before the somewhat motley assemblage of attendees. While addressing journalists, like The Boston Globe team that uncovered the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal in 2002, and celebrities like supermodel Kendall Jenner, as well as some off-the-cuff guests like Bill Nye "the Science Guy," Saturday night, Obama aimed zingers at Congress, CNN, and the GOP as a whole. While his jokes at the expense of each of the current presidential candidates — especially Republican frontrunner Donald Trump — were the most highly anticipated and relevant, Obama's best WHCD lines served to remind us why we're all going to miss him.

The president humorously blasted Trump for his ego, lack of foreign policy experience, and the violence he seems to inspire; Hillary Clinton for her six-figure speeches on Wall Street and her struggle to court young voters; Bernie Sanders for his low-brow fundraising style; Ted Cruz for his recent gaffe in "Hoosier country" Indiana, where he called a basketball net a "ring"; and John Kasich for generally being irrelevant. But, in my opinion, Obama's best lines pretty much ignored American politics and showcased his personality. It probably doesn't hurt that he's not the one that has to worry about trying to get elected in November.

Obama's Presidential Prediction

At the very beginning of his speech, Obama recognized the 2016 WHCD as his last... and took a wild guess at who may fill take his place. "Next year at this time, someone else will be standing here in this very spot," he said, "and it’s anyone guess who she will be." Obama wasn't afraid to discount the Republican presidential nominees right away — and, in doing so, implicitly announce his support for Clinton.

He just does not care anymore about what his detractors have to say.

A High-Profile Bromance

When Canadian Prime Minister visited the United States back in March, the internet delightedly suspected a budding bromance. Obama hasn't forgotten, but he knows he's on his way out. And he noted that his good-looking buddy probably knows it as well.

"In fact somebody recently said to me, ‘Mr. President, you are so yesterday. Justin Trudeau has completely replaced you. He is so handsome and he’s so charming. He’s the future,’" Obama said. "And I said ‘Justin, just give it a rest.’" Touché.

A 'Game Of Thrones' Taunt

Last month, the public found out that Obama had really flexed his presidential muscles in order to secure advance copies of the newest season of popular HBO show Game of Thrones. So when talking about the fact that Senate Republicans are refusing to hold hearings to vote on the confirmation of Obama's pick for the Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland, Obama quipped, "It's like the red wedding," a reference to an infamous GoT massacre. Glad someone enjoyed that episode....

Meeting The Prince

During a recent trip to England, Obama met 2-year-old Prince George, who was clad in a teeny-tiny bathrobe (adorable). In hindsight, however, maybe the prince's attire was a burn directed at Obama, because he's leaving the White House and all.

"Even some foreign leaders, they’ve been looking ahead, anticipating my departure," Obama joked. "Last week, Prince George showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe. That was a slap in the face."

On Being Black

During that same visit to England, Obama had lunch with the Queen, watched Shakespeare, and golfed with Prime Minister David Cameron — and on Saturday night, he poked fun of himself for it.

"Just in case anyone was debating whether I am black enough, I think that settles the debate," he said Saturday. Oh, Obama, we're really going to miss your comebacks to the haters.

On Getting High... Approval Ratings

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Obama's approval ratings are improving amid the total chaos that is the election season — surprising, but good news for the Commander in Chief — and he took the opportunity to turn the rising numbers into a one-liner. "The last time I was this high I was trying to decide on my major," Obama joked. Will we ever have another president like him?

That Epic Mic-Drop

Yes, you saw it right: Obama literally dropped the mic on Saturday evening. "Obama out," the president said, as he concluded his speech. He was talking about the speech, of course, but probably his presidency as well, and after such a crazy tenure, it's fitting.

At least we will forever have this epic move to cherish and remember him by.