Listen To 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' With Just One Phone Call

There are few things as pure as being read a Christmas story. It's a heartwarming experience that sings with joy, and this year, thanks to FreeConference by Iotum, your kids can call a number to hear How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

It is so sweet, and guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes after you listen. All you have to do is call 1-712-832-8555 to hear the story. The narrator is uncredited, though he sounds really familiar. It's not Anthony Hopkins, who narrated the film starring Jim Carrey. Instead, it sounds more like a Jimmy Durante or Jackie Vernon-esque, old-timey narrator. Whoever it was did a beautiful job. The book is read from start-to-finish, so link your phone through your smart home speaker, and cuddle up to listen.

I was worried that there would be ads placed throughout, as it is a promotion for, but was pleased to note that it was only the story, with no ads, no promotions, and at the end, the call disconnects. There have been more than a few occasions of brands doing kid-related promotions, and the ads are overwhelming. This is only the classic Dr. Seuss bildungsroman of the green furry Who who has a change of heart upon encountering a brave little Cindy Lou Who as he attempted to steal her Christmas tree.

From what I've gathered, is a conference call service, which, as a card carrying millennial, I fundamentally do not understand. But it's the Grinch. It's one of the best Christmas stories of all time, spawning countless plays, movies, television adaptations, and audiobooks. Everyone who celebrates the holiday can remember reading this book as a child, and watching the old cartoon. It was an essential part of the season. Dr. Seuss transcends time with his books. They stick in the mind forever, gluing pieces of your memory together with the elastic adhesive of his poetic words.

Not to mention that the Jim Carey version is endlessly quotable, and his portrayal of the grumpy Who is super relatable. He has nothing to wear.

This year, take some time to step aside with your kids, and do what none of us actually do: make a phone call. Just dial 1-712-832-8555 to hear a dramatic reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It's worth it.