Boy Who Wore A Suit For His Zoom Class Hilariously Let His Dad Know He Was On A Call

It's quite possible that no one is taking homeschooling more seriously than one little boy who wore a suit for his Zoom class recently. Not every kid out there totally loves the concept of having to do school work while they're at home, but maybe that's simply because they haven't considered the potential to really dress to impress like young Declan Kieffer. This 7-year-old means business when it comes to his Zoom meetings — suit and tie level business.

Declan's father, Brian Kieffer, tells Romper that his two sons have been doing distance learning like millions of other kids across the country since the coronavirus pandemic shut down schools. Since Declan and his brother have started e-learning, Kieffer says "they have daily Zoom meetings to keep the kids in touch." Recently Kieffer's wife gave him a heads-up that he might want to have a look at Declan during his daily Zoom meeting. Why? Well, it seems he was fully kitted out in a suit and tie for the occasion. And he was taking his little Don Draper act very seriously.

Kieffer explained in a viral tweet accompanying a photo of Declan dressed to the nines that when he poked his head in to take a photo of his son, Declan was "concerned I was going to interrupt him and flashed me the 'I’m on a call hand signal.'"

"It took everything I have not to bust out laughing," he wrote on Twitter.

Do you know who was not laughing? Declan. Because he was on a call and had no time for photo shoots.

Kieffer tells Romper that Declan received this suit to wear to his First Communion, but the event was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. That has not stopped the 7-year-old from wearing it however, as his dad says Declan was pretty excited about getting dressed up. "The day after he got it, he insisted on wearing it to school. Tons of gel in his hair, the whole deal. That’s just kind of how he is."

On the day of the photo, Kieffer had helped his son prepare for his moment to shine. "For the Zoom meeting that morning, I saw him putting on his collared shirt, then he asked me to tie his tie for him," Kieffer says. "I didn’t think much of it. Later on, my wife came down and told me he was on the meeting with the whole getup."

It's a good thing he got the photo, complete with his son's "I'm on a call" sign, because the tweet has, of course, gone viral. Some social media users predicted Declan's future success. "Also, when he grows up, he can then put the frame of his desk on the top floor of his global company's HQ," one said, while other predicted, "You'll be working for him before long... "

Kieffer admits that he is surprised at how popular the photo of Declan has gotten — it currently has over 69,000 likes and more than 15,000 retweets on Twitter — but is happy to see "everyone having a laugh together." As for the young CEO? Well, his dad says he took time out of his busy schedule to enjoy the media attention. Probably adding it to his resume as we speak, in fact.