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Little Girl's Conversation With Siri Is Comedy Gold

I always though puppies and babies were the cutest combination that could ever exist. Or any combination of baby animals, really. But it turns out, little girls plus cell phones equals the best two minutes of my day by a mile. This little girl's conversation with Siri was honestly the most wonderful thing ever. Bless you, internet gods. Bless you.

It was about a year ago when this sweet little girl decided to sit down and have a friendly chat with a smartphone (though it's been making the rounds again recently). She was looking for someone friendly, helpful, positive, upbeat. A good listener never hurts, of course. Nor does patience. Particularly when trying to keep up with a precocious 2-year-old. Who did she turn to? Her dad's iPhone. Obviously. She sat down to have a chat with Siri, whom she appeared to appreciate right from the outset for "coming to see me on Daddy's phone with your colorful mouth."

Siri (Apple's interactive personal assistant) came into the conversation guns hot, ready to offer assistance to the toddler in whatever way she might need. Unfortunately for Siri, toddlers themselves don't always know what they need. No matter how many times you ask them, they just don't always know what they're looking for. And even I could hear it in Siri's voice — the unmistakable sound of defeat.

After the initial formalities were dispensed with, the greetings and what have you, Siri couldn't keep up with the toddler. She was hitting her with a whole lot of "I don't understand." Perhaps hoping it would get her out of the conversation with a little tact and grace.


When Siri tried to distract her with a smug, "That's what I thought," the little girl came back with this classic rejoinder, "Yeah, that's what I thought too."

Eventually, Siri (sounding a little punch drunk) ended the conversation. Knowing she was bested by a little girl.

This isn't the first time Siri has struggled through an awkward encounter with a child for the whole internet to see. Four-year-old Ayden Carey from California just wanted Siri to help him find fire trucks. And guys? She didn't. Even after Ayden explained that fire trucks are "red and they have ladders," she blew it. And Ayden would know, his own dad is reportedly a firefighter. Siri clearly didn't know who she was dealing with that day.

I picture Siri now, rubbing her virtual temples and sighing. Wishing she didn't have to answer the call. Wishing people would stop letting their toddlers play with their phones.

Unfortunately, it's just too much fun to stop. Sorry, Siri.