Little Girl's Note To Dad Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

by Korey Lane

While sometimes it can be hard to just sit there and enjoy the small things in life, especially when the United States political system seems to be taking a few too many notes from Scandal, laughing at innocent and sweet little nothings can make anyone's day. And, as any parent/internet user knows, notes from kids can make for some pretty solid entertainment. Which is why today, when disasters seem to be coming at us from all directions, the universe gifting us all with this piece of wholesome goodness feels like a little bit of a vacation: This little girl's note to her dad is the sweetest thing you'll see this week, seriously.

While being a working parent certainly has its own merits, leaving for business trips is understandably difficult for both parents and children. However, a Reddit user recently shared a photo of a note his daughter hid in his suitcase before he headed off to a business trip, and honestly, it's exactly what the world needs to see right now. Daughter Tate also decided to lend her father her stuffed animal for his trip, because no one can deny cuddles help, especially when they come from a kid's favorite stuffed elephant.

See the photo below, courtesy of Tate's dad, Mark Dauter:

In case you can't read children's handwriting, the note says:

Dear Daddy, You can use dumbo, I love you, Good morning, Good night, Sweet dreams, I love you to the moon and back. Also get me a suvaneir!

And if the note alone isn't adorable enough, the daughter's sign-off, "love, Tatertot :)" will certainly send warm fuzzies all down your spine. Obviously, little Tate's willingness to let her prized stuffed animal leave her custody overnight is heartwarming in and of itself, and if that wasn't enough to get her a "suvaneir," then, really, what has the world come to?

Of course, the fact that Tate took such care with the note might be an indication that she just really wanted a souvenir (because I think we can all agree, children are so much smarter than you think), and if she's wise enough to go through all that trouble, she kind of deserves a "suvaneir," to be honest.

And on a day dedicated to recognizing sexism in the workplace, it seems especially fitting that this daughter is already dedicated to putting in the work to fight for what she deserves. Tate is a girl who knows what she's worth, and also really loves her dad. And that's just about the best thing going on in the world right now.