Lizzo donated her time to Foodbank Victoria to help with Australian bushfire relief while on tour in...
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Lizzo Volunteered At An Australian Food Bank Amid Wildfires & This Is Why We Love Her

She might be one of the busiest musicians on the planet right now, but Lizzo took time to help wildfire victims in Australia while on tour recently. The "Truth Hurts" singer dropped by a food bank earlier this week to help put together food hampers for those in need and, well, made everyone's day a little brighter.

Australia has been battling severe, devastating bushfires since September, according to CNN. Millions of acres have been burned, countless people have been displaced from their homes, and millions animals have been killed as a result, so surely every extra dose of help and positivity is appreciated.

Lizzo, who is currently in Australia to play at several FOMO Festivals across the country and at the historic Sydney Opera House this week, set aside some time to acknowledge the devastation that is happening and to lend a hand to those who are suffering. On Jan. 8, the singer stopped by Foodbank Victoria to help package food to send to families in the fire-affected regions and sang a few bops with the fellow volunteers.

"Beautiful Lizzo stopped by our Foodbank Victoria warehouse today to thank our hardworking team and vollies who have been working tirelessly for the past 6 days," the food bank wrote on Facebook. "What a [star] she even packed hampers for fire-affected regions. Thank you for the support."

And based on footage shared from her visit, it seems like Lizzo brought a lot of joy to the volunteers. In one video, Lizzo can be seen packing hampers and singing a parody of her song "Truth Hurts," with the lyrics: "I'm 100% that food bank."

This isn't the only way Lizzo has raised awareness about relief efforts in Australia. During a FOMO Festival stop in Brisbane, Lizzo encouraged concertgoers to donate a dollar when buying drinks at the FOMO Festival bar, according to NME. All of those dollar donations will be given to emergency services in each state to help fight against the fire. During these shows, Lizzo also took time out of her set to talk about the bushfires and encourage others to save the koala bears.

"This wildlife is just as important as we are and deserves to live as much as we do," she said in a video captured by a concertgoer at one of her recent shows.

Of course, you don't have to be in Australia to volunteer your time or money to relief efforts; you can also donate any dollar amount to Foodbank Victoria to help others receive emergency food and fresh water in addition to volunteering your time and money to the many other noteworthy charities helping those affected by the devastating fires.