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LOFT's New Clothing Subscription Service Includes Sizes 00-26 & Maternity, Too

My one hesitation with online shopping has always been sizing. Ordering a new outfit only to find it fits no way like you thought it would based on the model photo is beyond frustrating and time consuming, with the haul of having to send things back. Enter Infinitely LOFT, a new size-inclusive rental subscription service that goes beyond just offering extra small and extra large sizes — maternity is a category, too.

The service is called Infinitely LOFT, and it's an official extension of their already existing partnership with with CaaStle, that originally offered a plus-size capsule collection. Infinity LOFT expands the brand's offerings, with items ranging from size 00 to 26, including petite, tall, plus, and maternity options.

"We know [the LOFT shopper is] constantly evolving, both through different stages of her life and in her ever-changing style preferences, and we want to be there with her every step of the way," Laura Jacobs, the Chief Marketing Officer for LOFT, Ann Taylor, and Lou & Grey said in a press release about the launch. The diversity is great for women whose sizes are in transition, considering their range of options. The Infinitely LOFT size chart can help you figure out what's right for you.

The service is a little different from most other subscription clothing boxes, as you get to pick the clothes you want for yourself rather than fill out a style profile and have a box of curated options sent to you. You can borrow three items at a time and swap pieces as often as you'd like for a set monthly subscription fee of $64.95. Shipping charges are waived as well. If you find something you love so much you don't want to give it back, you can buy the piece at a discounted price. There are competitors who run their subscription services similarly, but Infinitely LOFT is notably more affordable.

Courtesy of LOFT

The service's Virtual Closet can help you keep track of items you've already rented, those you want to rent next, and clothes you might want to rent in the future. This might not sound like a big deal, but being able to queue up future loans when you see them keep you from wasting time browsing their entire collection each time you're ready for a new shipment.

Infinitely LOFT has the same core styles as the LOFT parent brand, so the garments will feel familiar to loyal LOFT shoppers. You can expect lots of prints, colors, and patterns in versatile designs and are great for everyday wear. Expecting women can really benefit from renting maternity clothes — they're all temporary items in your closet anyway. And the free laundry service that comes with the subscription also offers some comfort and convenience. (Yep: Free. Laundry.) Here's to not having to freak out over coffee spills and sweat stains.

Courtesy of LOFT

Head to the Infinitely LOFT website to see the service's full range of stylish offerings. And if you're looking for something for your kiddos, check out LOFT's "LOFT Littles" collection, which has adorable mommy and me outfits.