Courtesy Loft

If You Love Mommy & Me Fashion, You'll Live For The New Loft Littles Collection

The most Instagram-worthy mommy and me outfits ever have arrived at Loft. Just in time for Mother's Day, the store has unveiled its Loft Littles collection, and it's seriously too cute for words.

I may or may not have squealed out loud when this email landed in my inbox, because Loft is one of my very favorite stores. This collection exceeds my already high expectations for Loft with its ridiculously adorable matching dresses and jumpsuits. There are fun prints, bright colors, and even coordinating hair accessories for the wee ones. What more could you ask for? If it wouldn't be wildly irresponsible of me, I would order every single piece right now, to be honest.

The adult dresses and jumpsuits range from $90 to $100 each, while the mini versions sell for $50. Hair accessories including cute bows and scrunchies come in two-packs for $15.

There are 16 total items in the collection at the moment, but I am no way exaggerating when I say that they are all absolutely perfect. I can't help but be obsessed with these matching pink sheath dresses with their colorful floral pattern (and ahem, Loft, I can't help but wonder where these were when I was fruitlessly searching for this exact kind of cuteness back around Easter?).

Then there are these beyond fabulous matching white lace dresses. They'd be so perfect for a Mother's Day photoshoot or even a baptism or communion. Though of course, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to rock something this gorgeous. Treat yo self, as they say.

Most of the kids dresses and jumpsuits seem to be available in sizes 3/4 through 7/8, while many of the grown up dresses are available in up to size 26. Having spent way too many hours of my life scouring the internet for mommy and me outfits, I know it's not always easy to find them in plus sizes. There are also petite versions for shoppers who would otherwise have to spend a fortune getting their new dress hemmed. I'm super glad Loft is making these adorable dresses available in a decent range of sizes, as all stores should be smart enough to do by now.

If you're not in love with the idea of spending around $150 or so for a matching Loft Littles outfit, you can most likely get around that. As a frequent Loft customer I can tell you that there's almost always a sale going on or a discount code kicking around somewhere on the internet, so don't forget to do a quick search before you checkout. Fair warning, however, that you'll probably be tempted to use your savings to buy even more stuff. Or is that just me?

Mommy and me outfits seem to be becoming more and more popular. H&M recently rolled out a brand new summer collection, and stores like Old Navy, Anthropologie, and The Children's Place all have their own offerings as well. If you're looking for the perfect pairing for you and your little one, it's great to know that you have more amazing options than ever.