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Looking To Work From Home? These 10 Companies Are Hiring For Remote Positions

by Morgan Brinlee

In the weeks since the novel coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, employment in the United States has undergone a number of noticeable changes. As a result of state-issued stay-at-home orders, the closure of non-essential businesses, and an economic downturn, unemployment has skyrocketed. As a result, more and more jobseekers are on the hunt for remote work. And while the United States certainly isn't seeing a boom in available jobs, there are companies hiring for work-from-home jobs right now.

While traditional in-office positions may have long dominated the job scene, the recent public health crisis and subsequent closure of offices, schools and non-essential businesses has led to a spike in interest around remote roles. In fact, Paul Wolfe, Indeed's senior vice president of global human resources, recently told ABC7 News that the employment-related search engine saw inquiries into remote positions grow significantly since the coronavirus pandemic. According to Wolfe, searches on Indeed for the phrase "working from home" and its abbreviated form of "WFH" grew by almost 600% in a recent six-week period.

What's more, data from the Department of Labor has shown that more than 3 million workers have filed initial unemployment claims for at least five consecutive weeks. In total, at least 26.5 million workers had filed jobless claims as of mid-April. So it's really no surprise there are a greater number of job seekers looking for remote, or work-from-home, positions. And, fortunately, here are 10 companies currently hiring for such positions.


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Humana has long seen the benefits of enabling employees to work remote. In fact, Humana has reported that, during typical times (as in pre-coronavirus outbreak), roughly 47% of its workforce work remotely.

The health insurance company has since expanded its list of remote roles and increased its efforts to keep employees feeling connected and effective while they work from home. Currently, the company appears to be hiring for more than 100 work-from-home roles spread across sales, product development, member quality, care operations, technology, market strategy, and more.

You can check out a full list of available remote positions at Humana's career portal.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is currently hiring for a number of telecommute positions, including a utilization management nurse, a business data analyst, and a collections representative.

Browse all of the currently open telecommute positions on the UnitedHealth Group careers page.

CVS Health

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CVS Health currently has dozens of open jobs classified as work-from-home positions, according to a peek at the health care company’s careers portal. While it’s not clear if these jobs will continue to be based remotely, it’s certainly something worth looking into. Romper found ads seeking district leaders, call center technical support reps, incident response advisers, patient care technicians, and more — all advertised as work from home positions.

You can search open jobs at CVS Health.


If you’ve heard of K-12 (as in, kindergarten through 12th grade) but not K12, let’s fill you in. K12 is a leading provider of online curriculum and learning programs. At the moment, the education company is hiring for more than 40 remote positions across both its corporate and school staff sectors.

When browsing the company's career portal, interested work-from-home jobseekers should filter results by those that have a "virtual" location.



Weeks after announcing plans to hire for 100,000 new roles, Amazon continues to have a slew of what the company calls virtual positions available.

According to listings on Amazon’s virtual careers page, open positions range from solutions architects to sales, advertising, and account management. The technology company also has a number of virtual positions available in human resources, marketing and PR, and project or product management.


While headquartered in San Francisco, California, the cloud-based customer relationship management software company Salesforce appears to be hiring for more than a hundred remote positions. Available remote jobs include positions within wealth and asset management, marketing strategy, senior management, sales, and solution engineering.

Search for remote positions on the Salesforce career portal.


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Another software company with an interest in cloud-based customer relationship management that’s currently hiring remote workers is Hubspot. What’s more, the company has always had an interest and welcoming attitude toward remote workers.

According to Hubspot’s virtual career portal, the company supports fully remote workers in Ireland, Germany, Australia, and more than 40 states in North America. You can view all of Hubspot's listing for remote roles here.

Supporting Strategies

Those with bookkeeping or accounting experience may want to take a peek at Supporting Strategies' list of currently open positions. The companies provides outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and other back-office support services to a number of different businesses.

The company is currently looking to fill dozens of remote, part-time bookkeeping and accounting services positions. Check out Supporting Strategies' online career portal for additional information.


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The cloud call center Liveops offers unique work-from-home call center career opportunities that enable workers to set their own schedule and work as much or as little as they want. While the company doesn't have an abundance of open positions at the moment, they do have a few work-from-home openings they're eager to fill.

Citizens Bank

A quick search on Citizen Bank’s career portal turned up more than 250 positions that are either already classified as work-at-home or open to accepting remote candidates. These ranged from wholesale account executive roles and salesforce engineers to home mortgage retail underwriters and consumer operations executives.

View all available open positions here.

While it's impossible to predict the future of work-from-home jobs or even which companies or industries will continue to hire in the coming weeks and months, it's at least somewhat promising that there are still remote positions out there.

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