Love Your Melon Now Has DC-Themed Face Masks So You Can Be An Actual Superhero

Masking up and social distancing makes you a superhero today, keeping others and yourself healthy. And these DC superhero face masks from apparel brand Love Your Melon give you an even more heroic feeling. Designed to celebrate everyday heroes and the doctors and nurses on the front lines saving the day against the no-good villain COVID-19, these face masks also give back to an even longer-standing mission.

Mission-driven company Love Your Melon is launching a limited-edition collection of DC Comics superhero face masks on July 16 as a throwback to how their brand started, and to celebrate the frontline healthcare heroes saving lives during the pandemic. Love Your Melon donates 50% of its profits to pediatric cancer initiatives, like giving beanies to children who lose their hair during treatment, and other programs to support their families. And when the brand began in 2012, its founders delivered their first round of beanies dressed as Superman and Batman to surprise the children.

So, of course, purchases of DC-branded face masks will help Love Your Melon support nonprofit organizations leading the fight against pediatric cancer, too. Customers can choose from Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, or The Flash. Masks cost $25 each, and are super light, with a great stretch to keep gaps from happening on the sides of your face. They're also pretty breathable, while still keeping your germs to yourself, and give you the ability to form the liner around your nose for a snug fit.

“Both children battling pediatric cancer and frontline hospital workers face their daily battles with incredible bravery,” said Zachary Quinn, Co-CEO of Love Your Melon. “Over and over again, we have been amazed and inspired by the children and hospital staff who continue to show us daily what it truly means to be a superhero. This collection brings us back full circle to our roots and we are so excited to share these new masks with everyone!”

Who could disagree? Children battling pediatric cancer need support from brands like this now more than ever, as hospital visitation policies get stricter and treatment schedules get altered and postponed. Nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff need masks — and for the public to wear their masks — so they can stay safe and not be overrun by sick patients fighting the coronavirus.

So, whether you or someone you know is a Wonder Woman or Superman, or you buy it for yourself, this mask is a great way to give back to both causes. The DC x LYM Super Hero Face Masks are available for purchase with pricing starting at $25.