Lucky Fortune

Lucky Fortune Is The Sweet Charm Bracelet Your Kids Are Going To Love — EXCLUSIVE

Remember those charm bracelets from the '90s that looked like flat metal links with pictures on them? Mine had things like soccer balls, horses, and the original emojis — if you remember, smiley faces made a huge comeback in the late '90s — but now there's a new kind of charm bracelet coming on the market that is about to change the jewelry game. The future is looking bright with these Lucky Fortune bracelets from WowWee, and it's putting your little 90s charms to shame. Kids these days get all the luck. (Literally.)

There's no doubt charm bracelets are fun for anyone, but especially those who just love their friends. These new bracelets are perfect for collecting and sharing among any little fashionista who loves to uplift and inspire. These collectible bracelets are more than a simple charm bracelet though, because they don't come with just a bracelet. Lucky Fortune is a new line of special charm bracelets that feature a surprise charm that comes out of a fortune cookie with a good luck fortune. Talk about spreading some good vibes, right? These fashionable bracelets are sure to be every girl's must-have accessory this year, and they'll be coming out this spring.

How does it work? Each bracelet comes in a plastic fortune cookie containing a surprise charm and paper fortune — for good luck, of course. Simply open your fortune cookie like you would after dinner or dessert, read your fortune, and discover which charm bracelet you received! You can stack the bracelets, give one to a friend, or add to your collection.

With over 100 charmed bracelets to choose from, Lucky Fortune will be a hit for girls everywhere. They can collect and trade to spread the love among their friends, and these bracelets feature super trendy charms, including an ultra rare gold dipped charm dipped in real gold, as well as sweet pink flamingos, rainbows, hearts, stars, and the cutest little watermelon slices. And for just $4 each, they'll make the perfect end-of-year gift for any kid who wants to start the summer off in style. (Bonus: always an easy birthday gift to give them one of these little bracelets for the ultimate stacked look.) Lucky Fortune bracelets will be available in Canada starting April 1, and in the US on May 31, making its official release perfect timing for your summer kickoff celebration.

Perhaps the most fun and exciting element of these new bracelets is that the future looks extra sweet with all kinds of inspiring fortunes for young girls to read and share with friends. All they have to do is crack open their fortune cookie to see what goodies are in store for them. She'll feel awesome wearing her bracelet and her luck on her sleeve, or mixing and matching them with any outfit. The more bracelets she has, the luckier she'll feel, and she'll want to share those sweet feels with those around her. Kid jewelry can really take over a house, but these sweet Lucky Fortune bracelets are worth all of the tinkling you'll hear.