Take $100 Off The Lumi By Pampers System With This Romper Reader Discount Code

If you haven't heard, Pampers has developed a monitoring diaper system that not only alerts parents to full diapers, but also helps track their sleep, their eating patterns, and even help parents prepare for upcoming developmental milestones. It's not going to be cheap, so here's how to get $100 off Pampers' new smart diapering system.

The Lumi by Pampers is a connected care system that helps frazzled parents during a period when most parents are so tired they don't even know which end is up. Unlike other child-monitoring systems, this one isn't there to alert you about your child's vital statistics. Instead, it's simply giving parents a hand by letting them know about their baby's diapers, and when they were last fed. (I could have used this app for myself postpartum, reminding me to eat something — perhaps I would have even showered more than once or twice per week.) The system is a video monitor combined with a diaper alarm that fits the Lumi diapers, and an application for both Android and Apple that logs feedings and naps and other statistics. And Romper readers can use the code LUMICES112119 to get $100 off the care bundle through the Pampers website.

This system is the first of its kind. Using the newest technology, the Lumi sensor attaches to their new diapers, and sends a message to the Lumi app telling parents if their baby's diaper is "full" or "extremely full." Although, one day, parents everywhere are hoping for an alert that can tell the difference between dirty or wet, circumventing the need to lift your child in the air to smell their butt, which is fine at home, but awkward when you realize you've accidentally just done it in public. Another feature I'd like to see is an alert reading, "Your baby has shat themselves all the way up their back, and it's now in their hair. Send Dad in for this change." Because somehow, that man had a sixth sense about poop explosions and missed almost all of them.

Until then, the system is still pretty awesome, and with $100 off, it's worth a try.