This Organic Baby Product Line Is Almost Too Good To Be True, *And* It's At Target

As if the mom mecca known as Target isn’t glorious enough already, now the retail giant is “going green” with more of their baby products and introducing a new line that’s not only more sustainable, but also uses more “natural” and organic ingredients. The new Made Of line of natural baby products will be hitting Target in January 2019, and it’s an “organic-first personal care brand,” per the press release. In fact, many mainstream stores are looking to stock their baby sections with even more sustainable and “clean” products in order to appeal to the new generation of parents. According to the press release, “The global organic personal care market size is expected to reach $11.1 billion by 2025 and new parents are demanding non-toxic products for their babies.”

As a mindful consumer, you probably know that many companies tend to throw the term “natural” around on their products, but they’re still not very natural if you look at the ingredients list. So how will this Made Of brand and its new products differ? First of all, Target wants to use brands that “promise manufacturing transparency” and have all the proper certifications to be an “organic” and “all-natural” product.

Which means these baby care products will all be certified to the NSF organic standard (meaning the way the product is processed and constructed promotes food safety and organic standards), Environmental Working Group (EWG) verified, and “Gluten Free Certified.” Why you need a baby wipe to be gluten free is beyond me, but I’m still pretty excited. Oh, and they’re also pediatrician certified, vegan, non-GMO and dermatologist tested, and made in the USA. So you know — worth it.

Now let’s get to the really good stuff about this new line. The Made Of product line will include all of the essentials like natural home cleaners, baby wipes, hand soaps, a shampoo and body wash, calming baby powder, diaper cream, and a nipple cream — all organic and made with plant-derived ingredients. And speaking of transparency, the Made Of brand’s website is completely transparent and thorough about every product, displaying all the certifications, how they were tested, where they were manufactured, and you can click on each ingredient to learn more about it. You can also click on each test that was conducted to learn more about those, too. Now this is thorough, to say the least, which is great when you’re talking about products you’ll be using for your baby.

The line's pricing isn't unheard of either, like the organic baby shampoo and body wash that retails for $13 for 16 ounces. And with all of the brand's transparency and certifications, many parents find that the price is just in line with what they want out of a baby care product. I mean, babies aren't exactly making their own dough for their essentials, are they?

So keep an eye out for this certified organic, natural, and sustainable baby product line. Made Of is changing the baby product game and luckily, you can find it at a place you were already planning to visit. (I mean, another reason to love Target, right?)