Kids are starting to think mail carriers are basically Santa.
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The "Mail Carrier Has Replaced Santa" For More Than One Kid & We Get It

If you get excited when you see the mail carrier coming down the road with their arms full of packages, you're not the only one. As one parent pointed out on Reddit, mail carriers are the new Santa for kids these days and they 100% deserve the title.

A Reddit user who goes by the name u/_hottmustard shared a delightful tale on the sub-Reddit site Parenting about their daughter subtly switching allegiance to their mail carrier and away from Santa Claus. Despite the fact that Santa Claus tends to be pretty beloved by children for all of the toys and candies and such, this little girl is making a list for the local mail carrier in the hopes they'll check it twice.

"As we were picking up some necessities we passed the toy aisle, my toddler stopped and shouted out all of the cool toys she wanted and/or had," the parent began to explain on Reddit. "After having my arm almost ripped out of the socket, I stopped and let her have a minute of joy and assured her we have so many toys at home and today isn’t the day for toys (we needed to pickup very specific items)."

No need to worry, however. This little girl went on to walk through the store telling people the "mail man" would bring her all her favorite toys. She has apparently seen the evidence, so you can't really blame her.

"Because of quarantine, we are home when the mail carrier delivers mail (highlights subscription) and the Amazon delivery carrier drops off packages for everyone," the little girl's parent went on to explain. "There’s no way of hiding what has arrived and she gets to open everything."

Apparently this little one is pretty grateful for her packages, too. "One of her packages arrived as such, when we went outside she yelled 'THANK YOU AMAZON!'" the parent wrote on Reddit. "I didn’t have the heart to ruin her excitement in the moment. I can now confirm my toddler views the mail carrier as a Santa replacement."

Several parents took to the comment section of the Reddit post to share how their own kids have come to the same conclusion: the mail carrier is basically Santa nowadays.

"My daughter thinks the same, last Christmas she said to me that it was okay that Santa sent the presents from Amazon instead of me going to the shops to get them to sent to Santa as it saved me alot of work," one parent commented, while another said, "My 2.5 y/o son will proudly tell you that 'Mailman' gave him his (insert object here) The quarantine Amazon deliveries are out of control!"

These kids are already convinced their mail carrier is Santa and they don't even know that the U.S. Postal Service actually answers their letters to Santa... Can you even imagine if they found out?

With all of the online shopping that's been happening during the coronavirus quarantine, it makes sense that little ones would start to notice. One clever 4-year-old went ahead and skipped the middle man and sent his requests straight to Amazon. "When mine wants something he tells me to just order it on amazon. He’ll even bring me my phone. He’ll be 4 next month. Then when a package comes he asks what I got for him," another parent commented on the Reddit post.

The mail carriers are doing a whole lot of extra work these days. A heck of a lot more than Santa Claus. Why not give them the credit they so richly deserve like these kids?

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