Celebrating Mother's Day during a pandemic is new for all of us — here's how to make it special.
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Here's How To Make Mother's Day Special During Quarantine

Since we'll still be in the thick of this pandemic for the next week (plus some), it's time to figure out how to make Mother's Day special during quarantine. Mother's Day is May 10, and I don't know about you guys, but I sure need some extra lovin' and TLC this holiday just from dealing with the stress of all of this.

Since you can't take mom out to eat at her favorite restaurant or do any activities that involve actually getting out of the neighborhood, you need to bring the fun to her. The most important thing you can do for mom on Mother's Day is to ensure she knows how much you love her and that you notice that she busts her butt for everyone in the house every single day. And whether you show her by leaving her alone, buying her gifts online, making her a meal, or making sure she gets to have some quality Zoom time with her friends and family, she will definitely appreciate it.

Oh, and one very important thing to note: If you're planning on making her a meal — that's very sweet — but please for the love of mothers everywhere, please do the dishes and clean the kitchen afterward, OK?


Netflix Watch Party With Friends & Family

Not only is this a fun way to keep your kids connected to their friends, but it may be fun to set this up for mom to do with her friends and family after the kids go to bed. Almost like a private movie theater with booze just for her and her friends.


Set Up A Virtual Dinner/Cocktail Hour With Friends & Family

In that same vein, you can surprise mom with a virtual dinner and cocktail hour via Zoom. My friends and I did this with our families last week and it was just wonderful to catch up. And it was almost as good as seeing them in person and being able to hug them. Make sure if the kids are involved you take charge and give mom a break, though. And don't forget to do the dishes and prepare the meal, make the drinks, and order the takeout. Give mom a fun, relaxing night.


Window Visits

A blog post on Chatbooks recommended participating in a window visit. Invite local friends and family members to stop by and say hi and happy Mother's Day from the sidewalk or the street. Make it fun and hold up signs and play music.


Neighborhood Street Parade

Don't forget grandma! Chatbooks says to try a neighborhood street parade. If you live near grandma, grab the grandkids, mom, and her siblings (in separate vehicles) and schedule a time to drive by her house and honk the horn, wave, hold signs, blow kisses, etc.


Set Up A Virtual "Cooking Class" Or Book Club

Is cooking a family tradition? You could set up a Zoom call and have the moms in the family virtually cook together and learn an old family recipe, suggested Chatbooks.


Paint & Sip At Home

There are several people on YouTube doing painting tutorials right now. Set up a Zoom call or just have the family get together with some canvas (that you ordered online for delivery of course), some paint, and some wine (apple juice for the kids).


Social Distancing Porch Pictures

There have been a ton of photographers in my neighborhood offering this service, and it's such a great idea. Buy a package for mom and set up an appointment for your family to get out on the front porch and be ready to pose for a photographer (who will stay on the sidewalk). You can either dress up or overly exaggerate your quarantine attire for the photo.


Order Out Her Favorite Meal

One of my favorite things about Mother's Day is knowing I don't have to plan anything, cook anything, or clean anything. It is glorious. Order out for mom's favorite meal and make sure she doesn't lift a finger.


Buy Her A Gift Card

With the quarantine, many businesses are surviving on gift card sales right now. Whether it's to a salon, for a mani/pedi, a spa day, or even a gift card to her favorite restaurant, support local and surprise her with a fun I.O.U gift.


Virtual Wine Tasting & Video Chat

Indy's Child, a parenting resource website in Indiana, suggested seeing if her friends and family can add the same wines to their Click List orders for the week and set up a Zoom call to have everyone do a mini tasting of the wines they purchased. They can even set up a ranking system of their favorites.


Alone Time

This. Though it will probably be kind of difficult right now, make sure mom can get some time for herself, whether it's locking herself in her favorite room in the house for some alone time, taking a bath, reading a good book, or watching Netflix alone in another room.


Surprise Her With A Book Of The Month Subscription

Right now, Book of the Month Club is offering $10 off 6- and 12-month subscriptions, and she'll receive a new book every month in the mail. I have a feeling everyone is doing a bit more reading these days, so this may be the perfect gift.

This particular book of the month company features five reads that they pick, and then you decide which one(s) you want and then you "read, review, repeat."


Give Her A Spa Pedicure

Even though it may not be as good or professional as a salon, it will be fun to have the kids pamper mom with a nice peppermint foot soak, massage, and lotion. Maybe skip the polish for the younger kids.