'Married At First Sight' Star Luke Might Be On The Show For The Wrong Reasons

Married At First Sight has brought plenty of really odd couples into the spotlight, and Luke and Kate are no exception. On the surface, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t work together: They’re both single people living in Philadelphia of approximately the same age. But obviously, it takes a lot more than that to make a happy marriage. So why come on the show at all? Well, Married at First Sight star Luke’s Instagram made me want to dig a little bit deeper into that question.

Here’s what I found. Though both Luke and Kate’s Instagram accounts are set to private (boo), the civil engineer is involved with something that caught my eye. Fans of the show might already know this, but Luke is a big part of a speed dating program called Unplugged Dating. Yeah — that strikes me as a little weird. Why is someone whose business is pairing other people up going on a show where he gets married to someone he’s never met? Call me a cynic, but it sounds to me like this could be a good way to drum up business.

Look, if it seemed like Luke was going into this with the best of intentions, I wouldn’t be saying any of this. But given the latest Married At First Sight clip of Luke and Kate, in which she says that he said kissing her “made him feel repulsed and dead inside,” it doesn’t look like they’re off to a good start.

Even if he doesn’t feel a spark yet, this goes beyond that into just plain rude. I think Luke is kind of the worst and Twitter agrees with me.

Of course, it could be a question of sexuality. But why would he come on the show then?

Everyone seems to be in her corner. Hotel marketing specialist Kate comes off as earnest — at least, more so than her new husband. Even in the original clips of them prior to the wedding, Kate seemed really excited by the prospect of meeting Luke and getting hitched, while he seemed kind of blasé about the whole thing. For Kate, getting Married At First Sight was a commitment. And the fans are with her all the way.

Considering the usual trajectory of the show and its associated spinoffs, there could be a bright spot in Kate's future. The girl deserves another chance at love. A real one this time, please.

Obviously, we don’t know how things are going to end up. Luke could turn around completely and decide that he wants to stay with Kate. Or Kate could be the one who decides she’s sick of him (and understandably so). Regardless of what happens, they took a pretty big leap to enhance their personal lives (and for the entertainment of the viewing public), and whether or not that was a strategic career move on Luke’s part doesn’t really matter at this point. But you’ll have to keep tuning in to find out.