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Marshalls Is Opening An Online Store Later This Year & Just Take My Money Now

I think you have to be a particular sort of person to really appreciate shopping at Marshalls and that sort of person is called breathing and awake. As someone who, tragically, does not have a Marshalls store within several hours of her home, I have to wait to visit my mom to get within sniffing distance of a store. But when I do, coffee in hand and hours to spare... I can't begin to describe the quiet joy I get from being among the racks. Now it seems I won't have to visit my mom at all, because Marshalls is opening its first online store later this year, CBS News reported, thus removing my last impediment to staying in my home forever and ever.

Marshalls has always been a brick and mortar discount store, more of a treasure hunt than a quick shopping experience in my opinion. That's the beauty of Marshalls — you walk in with no clue what you want to buy and you leave with a bright green trench coat, a fit and flare dress, and some ballet flats you weren't expecting to find. The online experience might look a little different from the in store one, as TJX Companies CEO Ernie Herrman explained to People, but I suppose we shall have to wait to find out just how different until the e-commerce store opens later in 2019.

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"We are excited to confirm that the surprising Marshalls shopping experience our customers love will be available to shoppers online sometime later this year," a Marshalls spokesperson told People in a statement. "We expect Marshalls e-commerce site to offer a mix of merchandise that differs from what our customers will find in our stores. When we are ready to launch the site, we will let you know!"

As long as I can still find all of the weird combinations of singular items I had no idea I wanted until I saw them in Marshalls, I'll be good with however this goes down. Especially if I can do all the shopping in my home.

Marshalls' sister store, TJMaxx, launched an online store in 2013 that has apparently been a great success. And much like TJMaxx and its online counterpart, Herman told Business Insider that the physical store and online store are meant to be "complimentary." As he explained to the news outlet, "We have learned a lot from We really believe it drives incremental store traffic… it is going to encourage cross-shopping."

While in-store shopping experience may be some people's cup of tea, some people can't wait to fill up their carts online. "honestly @marshalls should just take all of my money now bc once their online store launches its over," one such person tweeted.

Another said, "Name something more dangerous than Marshall’s [sic] launching an online store...."

One more chimed in with a flying money emoji: "Marshall’s [sic] getting an online store is probably the worst thing that’s going to happen to me."

Hopefully more deets about the site launching will come soon, because many people, including myself, apparently have some online shopping to do.