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You Can Now Shop Online At Marshalls, & This Is *Huge*

My aunt Kitty is the queen of Marshalls. She will find the greatest deals on the most random items you didn’t even know you needed. In fact, she gets all of her Christmas shopping for the following year done the day after Christmas. Imagine how a Marshalls online store could affect her. I mean, she has bins of toys saved to give to her five grandchildren at random times. She is the queen of bargains. And the good news? She doesn't have to wonder how a Marshalls online shop could make a difference in her hoarding — it's officially here.

So how will this work exactly? Like the store, the online shop will feature “crave-worthy must-haves,” and the merchandise will be refreshed frequently like the brick and mortar stores, according to the press release. The site launched with the Fall Style Shop, The Designer Shop, and Made in Italy, and “Just as they do for stores, buyers for Marshalls travel the world to deliver new products to the site daily, so shoppers can discover new deals on the brands they love,” the press release noted. There is even a “Swipe to Shop” feature that will make you feel like you’re on one of your favorite dating apps with the option to save favorite items or buy them from the women’s, men’s, kids', new arrivals, shoes, beauty, or home sections on the website.

The best part about all of this to me — other than being able to shop in my pajamas and not have to lug my kid and strap him in his car seat — is by shopping online, everything won’t be picked over. You get all of the wonderful things Marshalls has to offer at your fingertips, literally. In fact, on their website right now, you can get these Dolce Vita “Animal Print Haircalf Mules” for just $50, half off the regular price. Oh, and they have sizes 6 through 10 available. Is it just me or is there anyone else who could never find shoes in their right size when they went to Marshalls? I didn’t realize 8.5 was such a popular shoe size. But I won’t have to worry about that anymore since the launch of their new website. If animal prints aren’t your style, and Free People is more your jam, they have a Free People “Softly Structured Color Block Sweater” for just $60. This sweater is originally $100, guys.

In addition to the “Swipe to Shop” option and the curated Fall Style Shop, The Designer Shop, and Made in Italy shops, there will be “Influencer + Shopper Finds” where Marshalls will find “inspiration from influencer and consumer finds that will link shoppers to categories and similar products,” the press release noted.

Be sure to head over to the new Marshalls website to grab some new clothing, accessories, shoes, and home decor for fall at the low prices you’ve come to love and expect from everyone's favorite store. Be sure to “swipe right” on all of your faves if you’re using a mobile device while you shop.