Mayonnaise Ice Cream Now Exists, & Literally No One Knows How To Feel About It

You guys, I'm going to confess something — I love mayo. When I was a kid, I could eat it right out of the jar, and a sandwich is just not complete without a good, hearty smear of the stuff. I don't squeeze it directly into my mouth anymore, but I am a mayonnaise fan (much to my husband's dismay) and can get behind most concoctions of it. Mix it with hot sauce? Good. Mix it with sweet chili sauce? Also good. Mix it with some sesame oil to make a creamy Asian-style dressing? Yes please. But mayonnaise ice cream? This is where I officially draw the line.

And look, I'm not someone who shuns all savory or non-traditional desserts — I'm seriously dying to try that Sonic pickle slush — but ice cream made out of mayo? The thought makes me feel sick, and despite my eight-month pregnant self, I can't imagine this combo ever sounding right. So where did it come from? TIME reported that this other-world mixture came from Scotland of all places. Kyle Gentleman, the owner of ICE, an ice cream parlor in Scotland, told Today that the treat is a "full on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste." Literal gag.

Gentleman didn't share with the news outlet where the idea came from, but Today reported that some seem to think its inspiration came like any other sweet idea — from another baked good. After all, mayo is often put in cakes to help them stay moist, so why wouldn't it go in ice cream, right?

OMG, because it just shouldn't, OK?

As with all things available to hear about on the internet, people had some ~thoughts~ about this concoction. Some seemed to think simply adding mayo to ice cream as part of the recipe wouldn't be so bad, as long as the treat wasn't actually mayo-flavored.

I mean, I get that. Mayo is basically a full-fat, creamy blend of eggs and vinegar, both of which end up in a lot of baked goods and sweet treats. But you guys, ICE didn't make it sound like this was just some vanilla bean ice cream created with mayo as a thickener or other ingredient. They straight up asked social media if they were obsessed with mayo... and then showed them mayonnaise ice cream. I'm with the users who are all YES to mayo on their sub sandwich, but NO to mayo-flavored ice cream sundaes.

I'm not going to lie though... this one tweet got me. I love dipping fries in mayo and I love dipping fries in ice cream. Could this mayo ice cream possibly be the dream condiment those of us with ice cream and fry tendencies need?

OK, no. Still a hard pass. Look, if you're not headed off to Scotland anytime soon, you probably won't have to deal with mayo ice cream being snuck into your birthday parties. But if you're interested in the treat and can't grab a plane ticket right now, you could try making your own. Apparently there's even a ketchup and mayo flavored ice cream for those who truly dare to take their cold fry dunking to the next level. Hard pass, my friends. Hard pass.