Curly cute little baby girl drawing with crayon color on the wall. Works of child

This Humble Condiment Magically Removes Crayon From The Walls, For Real

We've all been there. You're at home, maybe doing the dishes or folding laundry when you realize the house is just a little too quiet. Next thing you know you find your toddler grinning over a box of Crayolas and the hallway wall transformed into a waxy Jackson Pollack. You swallow some expletives and try to think. How the hell are you going to clean up this mess? Good news: It turns out there's probably something in your fridge that can clean your kid's "art" up in no time, because apparently, mayonnaise removes crayon from walls.

No, seriously. Out of all those "parenting hacks" you've seen — using a lint roller to clean up glitter, cleaning toys in the dishwasher, wrapping a door handle with a rubber band to keep it unlocked — this one just might be the most useful of all, and parents say it really works, as The Sun reported.

In fact, the cold condiment can wipe away a toddler's terrifying masterpiece in minutes. More than just the perfect addition to a tomato sandwich, mayo is the MacGyver of sauces. It can help you slip off a stuck ring, remove sticker goo, and, of course, expunge coloring sessions gone awry.


How? Something about the emulsified oil combined with the high vinegar content helps to break down the wax so it can easily be washed away, according to Lifehacker.

Here’s how to use it.

Step 1) Grab a jar of mayo

Step 2) Put a healthy dab onto a paper towel or wash cloth

Step 3) Gently rub the offending spot

Step 4) Watch the crayon disappear faster than you can say Magic Eraser

Step 5) (And this is super important), give the wall a final clean with a damp cloth

Depending on the type of paint on your wall, the mayo’s oil could leave a mark if you don’t give it a final clean. I tested this hack on my own wall trim which is glossy, and the crayon came right off with no residual mark.

The other wild card in this hack is the brand of mayo you use. I haven’t had a chance to test all the possible options, but I can speak to the quality of Duke’s, a staple in my South Carolina home (which works just fine, both for sandwiches and sticky situations). Will the mayo in your fridge do the trick? There's only one way to find out.