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Meghan King Edmonds' Post Comparing Parenting On Instagram Vs. Reality Is So Spot-On

I think it's safe to say most people know that the world we create on social media is not totally real. That it is a curated glimpse into a small corner of our lives, a vignette of what we want to show our friends. Everyone knows this deep down, but it's easy to forget sometimes. Especially when you're a struggling parent trying to figure out how to deal with the daily grind and someone is on Instagram looking all happy and perfect. Fortunately, you can look at Meghan King Edmonds' Instagram post comparing parenting in reality versus parenting on social media to remind yourself that there is always a story behind the perfect picture.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star is mom to three children under the age of 3. According to E! News, there's 2-year-old daughter Aspen and 1-year-old twin sons Hart and Hayes. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed shows pictures of her three adorable children playing outside in the sunshine in clean outfits and with big smiles on their faces, which I'm sure is what her reality looks like... sometimes. But then there are those other times when parenting might not come as easily as she might hope. And Edmonds has decided to share an honest post about how those days can feel.

The first photo Edmonds shared on Wednesday is one of her smiling and holding her twins in her arms. As she wrote in the Instagram caption, "The reality is that I wish my life was closer to the feeling I get when I see this beautiful photo with my twins... but it’s not: my life is summed up by the look of fright in the next photo."

The next few photos tell a different story...

Edmonds went on to note that she and her son Hart, who has brain damage caused by Periventricular Leukomalacia, according to Bravo TV, will be leaving for a few weeks for therapy. And she is struggling with the big change.

"You guys, I’m IN IT right now. Hart and I leave for several weeks of intensive therapy and I’m going to miss the tar out of the rest of the fam," she wrote on Instagram. "Some days I feel less like a person and more like a machine going through the motions."

While Edmonds might be having a tough time coping with the realities of parenting, she also acknowledged that she is lucky enough to have a great support system in place. As she shared on Instagram, "Thank you to everyone who has made me feel like a person: preschool moms organizing last minute play dates, my sister for letting me nap for an hour, my nanny for watching Netflix with me."

It's so easy to scroll through another parent's Instagram feed and feel like they've got it all figured out. That their life really is all about adorable play dates and smiles and content children. But the reality of parenting is messy for pretty much everyone. It's joyful and scary and sweet and sometimes sort of awful. We need to see more of that reality on Instagram.