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Meghan Markle Kept Prince Harry & Archie Close To Her Heart While At The U.S. Open

Mother, royal, and philanthropist Meghan Markle brought a piece of her family with her to New York City this weekend where she attended the U.S. Open. During her visit to USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, where she was spotted supporting her friend and renowned tennis champion Serena Williams, Meghan Markle honored Baby Archie and Prince Harry in a beautiful way.

In an adorable twist, Markle wore a gold necklace paying tribute to her husband and son, which she reportedly purchased from brand Mini Mini Jewels, according to Elle. The piece of jewelry features two delicate dog tags individually stamped with "A" for Archie and "H" for Harry. The small tags are 14k gold and can even be accented with your choice of birth stone and chain color (rose, yellow, or silver), according to the company's website. The pendants are a part of the brand's "Simply Charming" collection and can cost up to $245.

I don't know about you guys, but I think it's sweet how Markle keeps her family close to her heart while she's overseas. It just goes to show how she's always thinking about her two guys.

This isn't the first time Markle has been spotted fashioning sentimental accessories. This past June, where Elle reported Markle supporting Williams at the 2019 Wimbledon Championships, the Duchess of Sussex accessorized her blazer and jeans with a thin gold chain featuring a delicate "A" in honor of her then-newborn son Archie.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Back in 2018, Markle was photographed at Trooping the Colour wearing an eternity ring that is rumored to be designed with the help of Prince Harry, according to Harper's Bazaar. The band was reportedly a gift to mark the royal couple's wedding anniversary and green emerald birthstones for Archie, a blue sapphire for Harry, and a peridot for Meghan on its underside. "Meghan was touched," a source reportedly told the magazine. "A lot of thought went into it."

Markle's engagement ring itself, in fact, is also a tribute to another family member that is close to the couple's heart. Prince Harry designed Markle's engagement ring to include diamonds from a brooch that once belonged to Princess Diana, according to Us Weekly.

In the past, the two have honored Princess Diana in a number of ways. For Mother's Day, the royal couple posted a photo of Markle cradling Baby Archie's small newborn feet, with Forget-Me-Not flowers in the background. The small blue flowers were said to be one of Princess Diana's favorite and were even reportedly included in Markle's wedding bouquet, flowers for which Prince Harry picked out himself from Kensington Palace.

"Paying tribute to all mothers today - past, present, mothers-to-be, and those lost but forever remembered," the post read. "We honor and celebrate each and every one of you."

The couple's first son's name could also be a tribute in and of itself. When the new parents were expected to reveal Archie's name, fans expected a traditional choice such as Alexander or or Arthur. However, when the two chose "Archie" for their son, People suggested that it could be a tribute to one of late Princess Diana's ancestors, Archibald Campbell, the 9th Earl of Argyll of Scotland.

Markle's most recent commemoration at the U.S. Open is just in time for Prince Harry's birthday, which is coming up on Sept. 15. And I bet the Duke of Sussex (along with baby Archie), appreciates her thoughtfulness.