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Meghan Markle Made A Super Cute Joke About Meeting Prince Harry

It's easy to imagine that Meghan Markle has zero time for catching up with her favorite shows on Netflix these days. After all, she is a bonafide member of the British royal family living on the grounds of Windsor Castle and married to a prince. But her new title of Duchess of Sussex does not totally define her — she is still the person she always was, it seems, and that person is apparently a lot of fun. In fact, actress Jameela Jamil from The Good Place recently shared that Meghan Markle joked about meeting Prince Harry, proving she is still the down-to-earth girl she was known to be long before the royal wedding.

The former Suits actress reportedly contacted Jamil during her stint as guest editor for the September issue of British Vogue, as The Good Place actress said in a recent interview with Grazia. Markle chose Jamil — the body positivity advocate behind the I Weigh Instagram inspiring women to be more comfortable in their own skin — as one of 15 women to be featured on the cover of Vogue as a "Force for Change." And apparently Markle was a seriously hands-on editor because she contacted Jamil herself by phone. As the actress told Grazia, "Meghan called me herself. I missed the call three times before I finally answered, I wanted to punch myself! She explained that she’d guest-edited the issue, and apologized that the whole thing had been shrouded in so much secrecy."

While Jamil might be a fan of Markle's, the Duchess of Sussex made it clear that she admired her work as well. As she told Grazia, "She said she had chosen to feature me because she'd seen what I had been doing and was a fan. To know that she had followed my work with I Weigh meant a lot."

Beyond discussing Jamil's work as a body positivity advocate, Markle also let the actress know that she watched her show on NBC, The Good Place, which is when Jamil realized she had made a joke about Markle and Prince Harry on the program once upon a time. For those who need a refresher, in Season 3, Jamil's social-climbing character Tahani on The Good Place took credit for introducing Markle to Prince Harry prior to their May 2018 wedding.

Fortunately, Markle took it all in stride. As Jamil told the magazine, "She said she’s grateful to Tahani for introducing her to Harry. I just replied, 'You’re welcome'."

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Markle is in a pretty unique position, of course. She has become part of the zeitgeist, a universally known name who is so famous that she is often mentioned on television shows. But by all accounts she also avoids spending a lot of time on social media because she doesn't want to be overly affected by what people might be saying about her. And considering how vicious the British tabloids, in particular, have been about Markle in the past, that's probably not the worst idea.

Despite all that, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex apparently still enjoys a little down time with some of her favorite shows. Enough so that she can make a relevant joke about it.