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Meghan Markle & Beyonce Hugged At The 'Lion King' Premiere & OMG It Was Life-Changing

Meghan Markle still might be on maternity leave following the May 6 birth of her son with Prince Harry, little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, but that doesn't mean she's in hiding. Every once in a while there comes an opportunity that sounds so perfect and exciting, the Duchess of Sussex just has to go ahead and throw on a perfect black cocktail dress and get in formation. Which is exactly what happened when Meghan Markle met Beyoncé at the Lion King European premiere in London. The cosmos shifted, two queens embraced, and the world suddenly feels like a slightly better place.

The Duchess of Sussex joined her husband for the premiere of Disney's Lion King, a live-action reboot of the 1994 classic, on Sunday as something of a last minute addition. Prince Harry has been on the guest list for some time, since Disney kicked off the conservation campaign #ProtectThePride, a cause the Duke of Sussex supports that aims to help the dwindling lion population in Africa. But it was only announced by Buckingham Palace that his wife would be joining him on the red carpet at the London premiere in recent days, as per Harper's Bazaar. Naturally, news of the new mother's attendance had many fans immediately thinking about one meeting — Meghan Markle and Beyoncé.

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Beyoncé voiced the character of Nala for the remake and she performed, curated, and produced many of the songs on the soundtrack, according to Variety. And considering she was so involved with the making of the film, it stood to reason she would be at the European premiere in London.

She was, of course, as was Markle. The two women met and hugged, but like a real hug, as can be seen on a video captured by Rebecca English, a royal correspondent for The Daily Mail.

Now that you've witnessed this glorious moment yourself, I would like to take a moment to dissect this perfect meeting, please. Note how Queen Bey closes her eyes during the hug and actually rubs Markle's back in an apparent gesture of comfort and support. Perhaps she's well aware of how tough the British tabloids have been on Markle, as per Elle, and understands a little something about negative media attention herself.

The two then hold the embrace with Bey's husband, JAY-Z, looking on happily. And while it's difficult to hear their conversation, English shared a report via Twitter of what the two women supposedly said. Apparently, they talked about their children and Beyoncé told Markle, "We love you guys." I simply cannot with all of this.

This isn't the first time Beyoncé has paid sweet homage to Markle. Back in February, she and JAY-Z paid a sweet tribute to the then-pregnant Duchess of Sussex when they won a BRIT Award for Best International Group, posing in front of a beautiful painting of Markle wearing a tiara and pearls. They captioned the shot shared to Instagram:

In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.

I think this could be the beginning of a truly delightful friendship, especially since they already share one friend in common, tennis queen Serena Williams. Now, if I could just see that lunch date happen, I would be complete.