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Meghan Markle's Baby Shower Had The Most Decadent Cookies You've Ever Seen

Slowly but surely, details about the Duchess of Sussex's baby shower on Tuesday, Feb. 19 are beginning to emerge. From which famous faces attended to the party's vibe, all of the reported particulars have been delightful so far. And on Thursday, the situation got a little sweeter after a photo of Meghan Markle's baby shower cookies was shared to Instagram. As one might imagine, the treats look absolutely decadent.

Jessica Mulroney — Markle's BFF and the person who supposedly threw the baby shower in question — must have been incredibly anxious in the days leading up to Tuesday. Well, at least I would have been nervous because I can't imagine the amount of pressure involved in planning a baby shower for a royal. It's not like you can pull up to the joint with home-baked desserts and some balloons, right? The people who attended this event probably expected to be impressed, which is a big order to fill. Amal Clooney was reportedly there, for pete's sake.

As it turns out, Mulroney was up to the job of host because the most gorgeous cookies ever were served at the event. Want some proof? Check out this snap Markle's makeup artist, Daniel Martin, shared of the sweets.

"Such an incredible day celebrating #babylove," he captioned the mouthwatering shot.

From the impeccable shading to the fine details (the person who made this is a pro at outlines), these cookies are almost too beautiful to eat. But given the fine decorating here, I assume the dessert is pretty tasty too.

It sounds like sweets were a theme at the baby shower because famed chef Jean-Georges reportedly provided guests with a "dessert-tasting experience," as Vanity Fair reported. Yum.

If this affair sounds expensive, you're on the mark. Vanity Fair estimates the entire event cost $200,000, which also includes a $75,000 a night hotel bill. As for where the gang reportedly stayed? Look no further than the Mark Hotel, a luxurious destination in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Trés chic.

The extensive planning wasn't lost on the Duchess of Sussex, who was reportedly thrilled to have a baby shower thrown in her honor. A supposed source told the outlet: “As an American, she was very excited to have a baby shower thrown for her. I think she’d have felt she was missing out if she didn’t have one. It’s been such a fun time for her, she is with her oldest friends in the city she loves and really enjoying herself.”

In addition to the lavish treats, there were also plenty of gifts for Markle to open. But instead of tearing into the presents right then and there, reporter Gayle King said the Duchess of Sussex decided to delay the moment for when she got back to England. The detail came to light after King was asked about what she got Markle, a question she replied to, according to People: “If I told you, I’d have to kill you because she didn’t open any of the gifts because she wants to do that when she and Harry are back together.”

As for the next level cookies? I doubt Markle saved Prince Harry one — the treats looked too delicious not to gobble up.