Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Skit On 'SNL' Didn't Disappoint

Melissa McCarthy returned to host Saturday Night Live for the fifth time, but it was pure coincidence that this was the same week that Press Secretary Sean Spicer, whom McCarthy hilariously impersonates, had a pretty tough week at the podium. The press briefing sketch did not disappoint, although things got a little out of control. In an unexpected twist, Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer kissed Trump in the SNL sketch, but there were some other highlights from the crazy week in D.C. included in the sketch, too.

The sketch opened up with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant, at the podium, just like the real Sanders one did the day after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey. Playing off of some news items from earlier in the week that Spicer actually hid in the bushes to avoid reporters after the decision, so, too, was McCarthy's Spicer.

McCarthy's Spicey is always tuned up and hearing reporters ask Sanders if she could just do this job all the time, because she's, well, actually good at it, was enough. Spicey had to get out of the bushes to shut the whole thing down. But the poor, angry guy could barely get through the briefing, as reporters kept asking McCarthy's Spicer if maybe Trump isn't telling the press secretary the truth. This hit Spicey hard. "He's my friend!" McCarthy's Spicer yelped. But the reporters weren't buying it.

So Spicey turned his podium on and headed to New York City to track down his friend and and get some answers. McCarthy was spotted rolling through the streets of New York City behind the podium earlier this week, but that didn't make the final product any less funny. It almost kinda made you feel bad for Spicey.

Set to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy In New York," McCarthy's Spicer felt dejected, yelling at passersby, reading headlines about him losing his job, begging the universe to not make him go back to the Navy. When McCarthy's Spicer showed up to Trump Tower, thinking he lost his job, Trump wasn't even there anymore (of course!), so Spicey has to go back to D.C. This was when the real fun began — Twitter already has a nickname for their relationship: #Trumpicy.

McCarthy's Spicer asked Alec Baldwin's Trump is he's been lying to him, forcing him to humiliate himself every day. "Only since you started working here," was the president's reply. Then he went in to kiss him. McCarthy's Spicer protested at first, because he's married, but Trump persisted. Spicer started to give in, "But is this like Godfather 2 where you kiss me and no one ever hears from me again?"McCarthy's Spicer yelled.

"Yes," Trump said and then they went at it.

The president, who often tweets about Saturday Night Live the following day, will likely not find it all that amusing, but it was a perfect ending to an already on-point press briefing sketch.

McCarthy as Spicer, and the SNL writers, are on fire this season when it comes to portraying the absurdity of the briefings and Spicer's odd behavior. Hopefully the administration keeps him around as press secretary for as long as possible, because it would be a total shame for McCarthy to have to give up this on point and hilarious impression.