This App Will Save *Every* Moment You Miss On Your Baby's Nursery Camera

One morning, I found my youngest son standing up inside of his crib for the very first time. He had never pulled up all the way to standing before, and I was upset that I missed this monumental moment in my last baby's life. Thanks to Membook, the newest feature in the Nanit Plus nursery camera system's Nanit Insight service debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month, you could potentially save yourself from that disappointment I felt.

Available in Spring 2020 as part of the Nanit Insight app, Membook promised to add considerable value to the existing Nanit baby video monitor and sleep tracker systems with this digital scrapbooking element. Membook documents the moments that happen in your baby's crib that you might miss while sleeping — from the first time they roll over to the first time they sleep through the night, each of these milestones are curated and documented for posterity in digital form. Membook automatically saves and catalogs each event captured so that you never feel like you've missed out on a moment of your baby's development.

Simply set up a Nanit Plus HD nursery camera system, connect it to your smartphone, and let Membook collect and sort each of these important events for you in a digital scrapbook. You can even add your own special images and videos of your baby into Membook so that all of your baby's memorable moments will be safely stored in one place to be easily shared with family and friends. Anniversaries and birthdays are also documented in Membook just like they would be in a traditional baby book.

Post-release, Membook will roll out various features to enhance your collection of memories, including a time lapse of your baby's development, tracking of your baby's "firsts," compilations of special events, and more. Can you just imagine a video that compiles every instance of messy bed-head your baby ever encounters? I'm personally jealous of every mom with access to these precious moments in the palm of her hand and wish that Membook had been around when my boys were still babies

Editor's note: This post has been updated to note the Membook debuted at CES.