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'Bachelor' Nation Is Already Demanding Justice For Tyler

Even though virtually all of Bachelor Nation saw it coming, memes about Tyler leaving The Bachelorette showed fans were still super upset by the outcome. It was a pretty gutting breakup, especially considering how many times Tyler assured Hannah that she and Jed were going to be great together. But more on that later. For now, fans are demanding justice for Tyler.

When he stepped out of his limo — the dreaded first limo — Tyler immediately launched into one of the stronger proposal openings fans have heard, saying, "Hannah Brown, from the moment I met you, you've captivated my soul. I always knew the man I wanted to be and I knew I would get there one day, but I didn't know how. And then I met you."

He went on to praise Hannah for helping him grow spiritually, emotionally, and in love, which — true on all three counts. Tyler has been one of the more impressive vulnerability makeovers the show has pulled off in recent years. He even acknowledged that their love was "slow to start" but remained confident nonetheless that it would "burn forever." Sadly, as he began to describe the moment he fell in love, Hannah cut him off.

They stood in silence for a long time before Tyler pleaded, "This isn't it." But Hannah said she loved someone else.

"I am so lucky to be in love with you and to feel that," Hannah began. "You have supported me. You have been so sweet and strong for me. You have done everything that I've asked and more and loved me so much. My life with you would be amazing."

But in the end, her heart lay elsewhere. Tyler, a perfect gentleman, left her with nothing but good vibes, saying, "I wish you a perfect success with Jed. You guys will be great."

Of course, he broke down crying in the limo, and that was the last fans saw of him until the final 20 minutes of the show. That's how much time was needed for Jed and Hannah's relationship to implode before viewers' eyes.

After Jed proposed with an original composition, to Hannah's enthusiastic "yes," the pair went off to enjoy a couple of days in Greece together. Hannah did explain that Jed admitted to casually dating someone before coming on the show. But, she said, Jed assured her that he ended it ended a week before coming to the mansion.

Of course, that isn't exactly how it happened, and the rest of the finale chronicled their slow crash and burn, complete with Hannah returning her ring, calling off the engagement, and breaking up with Jed for good. Enter: Tyler, whose off-the-charts chemistry with Hannah was still very much alive. Some of Hannah's trademark live TV nerves crept back in and she struggled to get serious in the moment. But she did manage to shyly ask Tyler if he wanted to grab a drink and catch up sometime. He agreed and the studio audience basically brought the house down, echoing all of Twitter's feelings. I think it's safe to start celebrating these two with some very cautious optimism.