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These Memes Of Ivanka Trump As A Scientist Are Taking Over The Internet Right Now

Ivanka Trump's resume boasts careers as an author, as the owner of the Ivanka Trump fashion and jewelry line, as a guest star on The Apprentice, and as an advisor to the president (aka her father). So on Monday, when Ivanka visited a science lab, donned a full scientist ensemble, and posed for photos while conducting an experiment, her critics were pretty amused to see her so far out of her comfort zone. And as such, memes of Ivanka Trump dressed as a scientist quickly began to spread across the internet — and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to find the memes hilarious.

"Incredible visit to Waukee APEX, a center where high paying jobs are seamlessly linked with motivated and highly skilled students," Ivanka wrote on Instagram, alongside a few photos of her at the lab. "Through hands-on learning and #WorkforceDevelopment the careers of tomorrow are being created today!" As confirmed by TIME, Ivanka's scientific day took place at the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center in Waukee, Iowa.

Alongside the second carousel of pictures, Ivanka explained that President Donald Trump's infrastructure initiative features "a robust plan to expand skills-focused learning to prepare the next generation of American workers for 21st century job opportunities."

The first photo in the album features Ivanka wearing a lab coat, goggles, exam gloves, and pouring some sort of liquid from one vessel to another.

The photo quickly began to spread across Twitter. Many people re-posted the closeup shot of Ivanka, adding dialogue that they imagined the first daughter might say in the lab. One Twitterer imagined that Ivanka loves a theme so she showed up in "high science drag."

Some people made TV and movie references. Is it just me, or would anyone else actually love a reboot of The Simple Life?

Others referred to Ivanka's lab getup as cosplay or a Halloween costume. It's really too bad this didn't happen in October, because Ivanka The Scientist would be a pretty easy Halloween costume.

And others found ways to turn the photo op into criticism of Ivanka's political views and her clothing and accessory line, which has been the subject of a lot of controversy, especially since Trump launched his campaign.

And some people — who are evidently much more familiar with science labs than I am — criticized Ivanka for various elements of her lab safety, including her hair not being tied back, her gloves being too loose, and for pouring chemicals so close to her face.

In fact, Ivanka even admitted that her ensemble was stronger than her science skills. "I can't promise that I'll get this right, but at least we'll look the part, right?" she reportedly said at the lab, according to Business Insider. So in case you were wondering if this was mostly just a photo op... seems like it was.

For the science-inclined, here's the scoop on what experiments Ivanka Trump actually helped with, as per Business Insider. In one experiment, Ivanka "tested the nicotine content of 'vape juice' used in electronic cigarettes." She also reportedly studied a zebrafish embryo, helped write code, and programmed a wind tunnel. "This is so amazing. This is such a cool place to come," Ivanka reportedly said at the lab, according to Business Insider. "It's going to be hard to get rid of us."

This is not the first time Ivanka Trump has been memed for a scientific reason. When she posted photos exploring the National Air and Space Museum with NASA on the day of the solar eclipse this past August, people criticized her for seemingly embracing science despite remaining silent on science-related issues like climate change. Ivanka, might I suggest you take a break from visiting scientific sites for a little while, and instead try to convince your father to stop doing things like withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement?

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