While School Is Out, This Meteorologist Is Hosting "Weather School" For Kids

Parents struggling to find ways to educate their kids and keep them occupied while school is out due to the COVID-19 outbreak can look forward to some quick educational videos about blizzards, rain, tornadoes, and more. Starting this week, Chris Justus, a Greenville, South Carolina meteorologist for WYFF will teach kids about weather and answer their questions on Facebook.

As schools across the country have been closed down in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Justus announced this week that he has decided to help kids with their education in the coming days by hosting "Weather School."

"I know many of you are stuck at home here and the kids wanna learn about weather," Justus said in a video shared on his Facebook. "I know when I was a kid, learning about weather was fascinating to me. So each day here as we move forward during the work week, I want to give you some sort of snippet of some weather educational videos that you can share with your kids."

Justus, who shared he first became interested in meteorology when he was in the third grade when he was growing up on an apple farm, said on Facebook that each day he "will post a quick educational video geared toward teaching kids about weather." He asked parents and caregivers to let him know what you'd like to learn. For example, on Day #1 of Weather School with Justus, the chief meteorologist taught about different types of precipitation and how they form.

"Ask your questions and I'll try to answer as many as I can in my next video," Justus wrote on Facebook, and parents were happy to oblige. One parent asked Justus to talk about lightening in an upcoming video, while others asked about tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and "what animals do (particularly alligators) when hurricanes hit?" As it turns out, weather remains a pretty exciting topic for kids, even if school is out due to COVID-19.

Very few parents probably expected to be in a situation where they would be asked to homeschool their kids during a pandemic. It's a massive undertaking to have thrown at you unexpectedly, which is why Justus' Weather School is such a balm to stressed-out parents. For at least a portion of their day, someone else can take over and share some information kids are excited about. Particularly in regards to alligators.

You can find videos from Justus' Weather School on his YouTube page.

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