Halloween Trees Are A Thing, & They're Already Selling Out So Get Yours STAT

The end of summer is on the horizon, which can only mean one thing: it's time to start your Halloween planning. It might seem early to prep, but the spookiest day of the year is mere months away; you don't want wake up on the 31st with no decorations or candy for trick or treaters. And Michaels's Halloween trees are already sold out online, so you need to head to the store ASAP if you want one.

Decorations are arguably the most important part of Halloween festivities, as so much of the day is associated with them. Cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, and faux skulls set the tone for the holiday just as much as costumes do, especially if you live in a big trick-or-treating neighborhood. Everyone wants to hit up the spookiest looking house, so you've gotta set yourself up for success. And what better way than with a Halloween-themed Christmas tree?

Halloween Christmas trees are a relatively newer trend. Some shoppers buy the trees specifically for Halloween, while others see the trend as a way to get multiple uses out of one artificial tree. Make it creepy crawly for Halloween, and redecorate it with tinsel and ornaments for Christmas. Genius. It's a creative way to celebrate either way, and now Michaels is getting in on the fun with their own Halloween tree.


The 14-inch ceramic tree from Michaels is made with the true Hallow's Eve aficionado in mind, as it brings the colors of the holiday to *light* using removable bulbs. The black tree comes with purple and orange LED lights that will make your mantle or entry-way spooktastic, complete with a glowing pumpkin tree topper. Although it's cute, the tree isn't very big, so it likely won't be the centerpiece of your Halloween decor if you plan on going all out, and you won't be able to reuse it for Christmas, unless you're going for a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe. But it's still spectacularly festive and just the thing you need by the candy bowl if you're hosting a halloween event.

The tree is just one of Michaels's Halloween offerings for the year. They have a collection of models that allow you to set up a whole creepy town, as well as pretty much any decorative item you can think of, so you'll probably be able to check a few things off your Halloween shopping list if you head to a store sometime soon. You may be able to get everything you need besides your kiddo's costume, though I'd hold off on ordering that too soon — odds are high they'll change their mind on what they want before the big day.

The Halloween tree retails for $60, and as I mentioned, it's sold out already online. But you can reserve one to pick one up from your local store on the Michaels site (provided it's still in stock there), so all hope is not lost. Head to the Michaels site to secure yours now, and let the Halloween countdown begin.