The Halloween Christmas Tree Trend Is Taking Over, So You Basically Need One RN

Alright people, listen up: October is too early to put up Christmas decorations. I know we're all eager for the most wonderful time of the year to begin, but two full months in advance is just too far. Besides, skipping ahead to December means ignoring all the decorating possibilities Halloween has to offer. Trick-or-Treaters expect spider webs, orange lights, and fog machines to spook them when they knock on your door. Seeing Rudolph on your lawn would just confuse them. But if you really can't wait for Christmas, why not combine the holidays with a Halloween Christmas tree?

Halloween Christmas trees popped up as a trend last Halloween, and they're still going strong this year, with people posting their trees on social media. If you're confused as to exactly what I'm talking about, think Christmas trees, but instead of decorating the tree with Christmas ornaments and lights, you cover it in everything spooky — pumpkins, skulls, spiders, and whatever other Halloween-themed decorations strike your fancy. It's a fun and easy way to decorate for Halloween, and it's economical if you get an artificial tree; just redecorate the same tree when it's time for Christmas.

Treetopia sells trees specifically for Halloween, as does Amazon, so it's never been easier to pull off this decor trend. P.S., I especially like these candy corn inspired trees ($50, Amazon). So if you're feeling the the idea of a scary tree this year, read on to take a look at some of the best I've seen in 2018.


Pale as a Ghost

The scary ornaments and pumpkin-tree-topper stand out against the white needles for a fresh look. Imagine how good it must look from the street.


Pumpkin Party

This purple and orange palooza is a great reminder that Halloween decorations don't have to be scary. The color scheme and smiling jack-o-lanterns are perfect if you're going for festive but not terrifying.


Skull City

The spooky skulls and purple highlights on this tree create a Halloween ambiance without going over the top. Plus, the orange accents around the tree give it the October touch.


A Pop Of Color

This tree is all about the accessories, from the ornaments and sparkly topper to the skirt and Michael Myers candy bowl (but I'd be a little scared to grab candy from it).


Skeleton Shenanigans

If you thought human skeletons were creepy, get a load of these spider skeleton ornaments. Plus, the cloaked topper has major Harry Potter vibes, so it's a good way to honor the Boy Who Lived on the day he first defeated the Dark Lord.


Orange Accents

These orange miniature trees are great if you're looking for a subtle and classy way to decorate your house for Halloween.


Jack Skellington Vibes

We couldn't have a Halloween Christmas tree article and not include this Jack Skellington-themed tree, the skeleton who bridges the gap between the two holidays in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Honor the man Christmas forgot with a tree made in his honor, and then settle in for a viewing of the Halloween/Christmas classic.