These Yoga Skeletons From Michaels Will Make You Say, "Namaste, Witches"

I am a huge fan of Halloween and all of the creepy crawly decorations that go along with it, but I've only taken a handful of yoga classes. (Hold on, there's a connection.) I'm proficient in basic poses that require minimal twisting and bending (Shavasana for life!), but my headstand skills are non-existent. If you are more inclined to be found in a downward facing dog or practicing your lotus position, you might find these yoga skeletons from Michaels to be an ideal way to decorate for the Halloween season.

I bet you never thought of the ways that Halloween and yoga go together (because really, who does?), but thanks to everyone's favorite craft store, you can now decorate your home with skeletons in different yoga positions and put a new twist on the spookiest holiday of them all. Decorating with skeletons is a classic way to ring in the Halloween holiday, but adding yoga positions into the mix may garner a few zen "ahhs" from trick-or-treating neighbor kids in addition to the traditional "boo!"

Made by home decor company Ashland, the eerie tabletop accent pieces measuring approximately 5.75 inches come in a variety of yoga positions including tree pose, one-legged king pigeon pose, lotus pose, and more. They're currently marked half off on the Michaels website, down from $12 each to just $6 per skeleton figurine, but are not available for shipping. If your local store has them in stock however, you can place an order for these ghoulish gurus to pick up in person. At this price, I'm tempted to buy one for everyone I know just to see their hilarious reactions.

If you are more inclined to decorate the exterior of your home with head-turning skeletons, you can order the 11-inch version of these boney yogis in a meditation pose or prayer pose for $25 on the Michaels website. Placing one of these spirited skeletons by your front door may just bless your home with zen-like peace and harmony during a time when zombie-induced chaos is the norm.

For those who absolutely can't get enough asanas in their life, you can even purchase a throw pillow from Michaels featuring the very same skeletons in yoga poses printed on a black fabric background. For $25, you can purchase one of these crazy cool pillows featuring skeletons in various yoga poses that will likely become a treasured Halloween decoration for your couch for years to come. It also makes a perfect gift for your friend who loves spooky Halloween decor, but can also be found at the local yoga studio vacillating between serene meditation and working on a complicated vinyasa flow sequence.

A quick Google search will provide you with everything you need to know about these unique decor items and how they are blowing the minds of devoted yogis everywhere. Instagram users have even taken to posting pictures of these crafty creations in celebration of the flexible skeletons that are sure to be all the rage with yoga lovers everywhere this fall.

So whether you're a total yogi, or you just can't get over the fact that these Halloween decorations are more flexible than you'll ever be, you absolutely need one of these hauntingly precious figurines so that you can wish all of your neighbors a sun salutation-filled Halloween. Namaste, witches.