Now Your Kids Can "Meeska, Mooska!" Into Their Own Mickey & Minnie Clubhouse

What better respite is there from the dog days of summer than a playhouse where your kids can hang out and play in the shade? The new Disney-themed designs from Delta Children just upped the ante on summer playtime with their Mickey and Minnie Mouse playhouses.

My kids can't watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse without the show's catchy signature tune getting stuck in my head. These new playhouses bring the line "Come inside, it's fun inside" completely to life. If your kids are forever singing the very song that plays on an endless loop in my brain every time I hear it, they're going to love these playhouses.

What's the best part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Well, if it isn't the ears on top, it's the imagineering that goes on inside when Mickey, Minnie, and all their pals play and learn together. Your kids can truly experience it all within the four walls of this playhouse.

Building a playhouse from scratch requires a myriad of tools, costly building materials, and can be pretty time-consuming depending on your level of experience with craftsmanship. I am fairly certain that even if I could scrounge together all of the proper materials and "mouseketools," it would take me a solid year to cobble together a dilapidated playhouse-like structure that even sort of resembles anything Mickey and the gang might want to hang out in.

But both versions of this Disney-themed playhouse feature a design with snap-in assembly that is a cinch to put together. The limited use of tools required means that someone like myself with absolutely zero building experience can give my kids their dream Disney playhouse in just literal minutes.

The entire playhouse measures 54" long by 35" wide and is 52.6" tall, so it's actually small enough to be set up inside. The inside of the playhouse is perfectly-sized for toddlers and preschoolers, with an interior height a few inches shy of 4 feet. There's also a fully-functioning swinging door, and working windows and shutters.

They can even serve make-believe treats on the playhouse's play table, and send and receive Mickey and Minnie's mail through an actual mail slot. I don't know about you, but I'm willing to bet that my kids will ask for some sort of speaker to put in their playhouse that plays the "Hot Dog Dance" song on repeat. I'm also 99% sure I'll hear "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog," from within the walls of their clubhouse all summer long. They literally can't get enough.

If you're ready to let your kids' imaginations run wild while they pretend to play along with Mickey and friends in their very own version of his clubhouse, both versions of the playhouse are available to order online through the Delta Children's website.