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Miley Cyrus Bums Us Out With New 'Sad Christmas Song'

Christmas might finally be here, but that doesn't mean everyone is happy about it. Even science says the holidays can make us sad. But someone out there is having a particularly sad Christmas. It's Miley, y'all. Miley's having a crappy Christmas, according to Cyrus's new depressing tune, "My Sad Christmas Song." The pop singer dropped her bummer of a new song on Twitter and Facebook Thursday night, including a cheerful #merryfuckingchristmas hashtag. I feel like Cyrus has moved from simple "bah humbug" moodiness into full on drinking alone territory.

No, really: The lyrics to "My Sad Christmas Song" are actually pretty dark, invoking everything from pining for a former lover, to ripping bongs, to bickering with family, to wondering "Why'd I even put up that fuckin' tree?" Yikes, Miley — you okay, girl? Because seriously, this song is one depressing lyric away from someone calling a wellness check on you, hon. This Christmas tune is in stark contrast to Cyrus's raw rendition of "Silent Night" released earlier this month. Her simple take on the classic Christmas carol — just her and a piano — stripped the song bare of all that holiday fluff and reminded us how awesome a singer she really is.

Looks like Cyrus just wanted to appeal to that Christmas misanthrope demographic, I guess?

Or maybe Cyrus's sad Christmas comes after a run of tough headlines in 2015: her on-again, off-again relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger, a drama-filled on-stage feud with Nicki Minaj at the 2015 VMAs, and a particularly candid interview with Marie Claire about her continuing struggle with body dysmorphia following Hannah Montana. Cyrus's third stint as SNL host didn't exactly go over so well, either.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit too harsh. Yes, "My Sad Christmas Song" is a total downer, but I've got to give Cyrus credit for working out her blues with some creative catharsis in such a public way. Here's hoping 2016 is a better year for you, Miley.

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