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Mindy Kaling Wore The ~*Sparkliest*~ Accessory In Honor Of Her Daughter

I have never had any accessories emblazoned with my sons' names, but boy have I wanted some. Like a t-shirt with their faces or a hat with their initials... something, anything that said loud and proud I created these people and here are their names for all of the world to see. This seems to me to be a pretty glorious thing. The trick is finding an accessory that screams your kid's name in someone's face but in a glamorous way, you know? Like when Mindy Kaling gave her daughter Katherine a sweet nod with a hair accessory. I would absolutely be down with that.

The Mindy Project writer and actress welcomed her daughter Katherine Swati Kaling back in December 2017. Ever since then, she has been walking this beautiful line between sharing sweet tidbits about her little girl and protecting her privacy, it's honestly a glorious thing to behold. For instance, Kaling has shared a few pictures of the back of her daughter's head in, say, her lion costume on Halloween or when the two wore the best matching pajamas ever but never her little girl's actual face.

So, in essence, Kaling is giving fans a generous glimpse into her life without letting us all go bursting in like a bunch of wild animals.


Another way Kaling is honoring her little girl? As she prepared to be a guest on The Late, Late Show with James Corden to promote her new film Late Night with Emma Thompson, Kaling went ahead and wore the most amazing, sparkly barrette in her hair. The barrette was shaped into the letters KIT, which is Kaling's adorable nickname for Katherine.

After showing off her slinky gold dress on Instagram, Kaling took to her Instagram Story to share "the cutest little touch" from luxury hair accessory brand LeLet NY that I suspect every mom is going to want.

An extra bonus? Hair accessories mean you can put your hair up which might make you feel fancy and impressive while doing all the mom things, I sort of can't wait to try this. The hair brand has also been worn by fellow cool celebrity mom Jessica Biel, just in case you weren't impressed enough.

I definitely get the sense that little Kit Kaling is going to be encouraged to have fun in the fashion department, and not just because The Mindy Project was a veritable Nirvana for people who love happy colors and prints. Kaling herself admitted to In Style that she didn't think she was going to be one of those parents who spent money on kids' clothes... and yet:

I was fully the person who was like, "I will never spend money on baby clothes. What a waste of money, they will do whatever." And then, when I had my daughter… I literally have a photo of her in Central Park wearing a Gucci poncho. She can’t wear it in LA, but when we came for this trip, I told the nanny, I was like, "You go to the park, put her in this Gucci poncho, take photos of her." So, that completely changed once I had a kid.

That's the thing about fashion: it ends up being a lot more personal than you might expect at first. Even when you're a mom. You think you're going to be one of those jeans and t-shirt people but then your kid arrives and things shift. Suddenly you start wearing barrettes with your kid's name and everyone is envious and the world feels right as rain.