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Mindy Kaling Reminds Moms We Are All The Same "Snack Ladies," Even Beyonce

by Jen McGuire

Mindy Kaling might seem like one of those super relatable girls you would probably be best friends with in real life (or at least that's how she seems to me), but the reality is she is a powerhouse. A woman who has created her own career as a writer, an actress, and a producer, she is a massive trailblazer in the entertainment industry. She just wrote the critically acclaimed film Late Night starring Emma Thompson, not to mention working on several other projects and keeping her social media game tight. Impressive, just not to her daughter. Mindy Kaling posted a hilarious Beyoncé meme that will never stop being true for every parent ever. Because no matter how big you are to the outside world, you pretty much have exactly one role with your kids.

Kaling is mom to 1-year-old daughter Katherine Swati Kaling, or "Kit" as she calls her. While The Office star is fiercely private about some aspects of her daughter's life, like sharing her picture or giving any information about who her father might be (because she doesn't actually have to tell anyone, come on now), she does share little tidbits about their daily life together. And on Saturday Kaling took to social media to share a Beyoncé meme to give some sort of scope about exactly how her little girl views her famous mom.

While it's a bit of an older picture of Queen Bey and her daughter Blue Ivy, which don't blame her for being behind Kaling's been super busy, it will always resonate. In the photo the Formation performer is all glammed up at the 2018 Grammy Awards beside her daughter, holding her juicebox and snacks. Someone wisely noted in the meme, "It doesn't matter who you are. To your kid, you're just the lady with the snacks."

Kaling captioned the photo on Instagram, "The lady to Kit's snacks."

Clearly Bey has been on Kaling's mind a lot lately. Back in April, when Netflix released Beyoncé's Homecoming documentary about her life behind the scenes during 2018's Coachella performance, The Mindy Project star took to Twitter to offer her services as a back-up dancer if needed. I really hope Beyoncé saw the video because I feel like these two would make really great friends.

And also, who could forget when Kaling donned a gorgeous floral crown to become Beyoncé Pad Thai edition back in 2018? That is her warrior name, after all.

As for being the lady holding Kit's snacks, I have a sneaking suspicion Kaling is pretty comfortable with that role. Especially knowing that Queen of All Things Beyoncé is in the same boat. Slaying all day, every day in the world. Such a famous icon that she is known by just one name. But to her kids, simply the person who is holding the snacks.

If you're going to be keeping company with anyone, definitely let it be Beyoncé. Even if it means your only bond is holding snacks for your kids.

We are more the same than different, it seems.