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Mindy Kaling's Daughter Isn't Impressed By Her Singing, Even If It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Babies can be your harshest critics, if only because they don't appreciate anything other than food (and maybe sleeping, if you're lucky). Not even babies of famous celebrities seem to really get all that fussed about the efforts their parents make, which is sort of comforting. I mean, no offense to one of my favorite actresses, but it gives me a tiny thrill of joy to know that Mindy Kaling's daughter isn't impressed by her singing. It's pretty much bananas (hello subtle Kelly Kapoor reference from The Office) but such is the life of any person trying to entertain a child.

The Mindy Project star welcomed daughter Katherine Swati Kaling last December, which means her baby girl is already 9 months old. If you're hoping to see a picture of tiny Katherine you can go ahead and forget about it. Kaling is not into sharing pictures of her... but thankfully she likes to give her millions of fans on Twitter little behind-the-scenes glimpses of their life together. Her most recent tweet described Kaling's recent attempt to sign to her daughter, something so many of us probably pictured doing for our babies when we first became moms. Except her song had a specific tune that didn't really land with her baby.

As Kaling explained in her tweet:

When you have a baby and you feed her banana for breakfast and sing “banana-na-na-na” to @Camilla_Cabello “Havana”, she thinks it’s lame

Which is sad because if I had been there I would have been psyched to note the Gwen Stefani/Kelly Kapoor reference from The Office.

To be fair to Kaling here, she's certainly not the only mom to try to get creative with her song choices for baby. Plenty of other parents shared their own baby mash-ups on Twitter. And of course, there was at least one "Baby Shark" reference, because I finally got that out of my head and now it's back to stay.

It's possible little Katherine Kaling has no clue that she's in the presence of a successful Hollywood actress and writer. Or it's possible she's set her standards ridiculously high for celebrity status on account of meeting Oprah Winfrey that one time. Kaling brought her baby girl to Oprah's house when they were filming A Wrinkle In Time and, as she told Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen, Katherine was appropriately reverent.

The minute we went in, I was like, ‘Katherine, please, please. You have no idea how high the stakes are right now.' And we walked into the door, and her eyes went wide and she stopped crying, like she knew she was in Oprah's house. And then she was just coyly smiling and being adorable for the next four hours.

Katherine Kaling will most likely spend her life in the company of celebrities, so she might want to consider learning how to toss a little light applause into the mix every now and again when they perform for her.

After she learns to walk and talk and be a human, that is.