Alert: Here's How To Get A Free Side Of Queso From Moe's On Valentine's Day

For some folks on Valentine’s Day, the holiday is a time to partake in fancy dinners, decadent desserts, and perhaps a nice gift or two. For the rest of us, we're headed to Moooooe's! Everyone's favorite quick burrito stop has a great deal to get free Moe's queso on Valentine’s Day. What a glorious thing. There aren’t two more beautiful words together in the world than free queso.

Take a page out of Parks and Recreation characters Donna and Tom’s book and “treat yo self” to a tasty burrito on Valentine’s Day instead of those stuffy fancy meals every other restaurant is advertising. Moe’s is definitely the place to be on Valentine’s Day, and whether you're celebrating with a partner, your kids, a group of friends, or just on your own, you know you can grab a perfect meal.

When you purchase a burrito, you’ll still get those free chips, and Moe’s is going to throw in a free side of queso at all of their locations nationwide because they love you, damn it. That's all you have to do! Grab a burrito, get a free side of queso. Boom. You don't even have to tell them you know it's extra.


Hell, bring some candles and flowers and set it up inside Moe’s as you partake in this delicious deal. Or if you feel like having a quiet private moment with your burrito and queso, you can always take it home to eat in your pajamas while you watch Netflix. Actual Valentine's Day goals, y'all.