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Jessica Simpson Let Her Daughter Dye Her Hair, So Obviously Mom-Shamers Had Thoughts

Have you ever been to a party where you are having a great time connecting with other moms? And you are all standing around dishing about all the things that are frustrating/fun/hilarious/awkward about parenting and then some mom comes over and shuts it down by being all overly correct and irritating? Now imagine you can't get away from that mom ever and you understand mom-shaming on the internet, especially when a celebrity mom is the target. So it probably won't surprise you to hear that mom-shamers came for Jessica Simpson after she her daughter dye her hair because of course they did, right?

The fashion designer is mom to three super sweet little kids, 7-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew, 5-year-old son Ace Knute, and baby girl Birdie Mae, whom she welcomed in March with husband Eric Johnson. Simpson tends to share lots of updates of her family on social media which must feel like something of a mixed bag of tricks to her sometimes. On one hand, the singer gets lots of positive feedback about her refreshingly honest take on parenting and pregnancy (who can ever forget the broken toilet seat from her pregnancy?). On the other hand, she has become a popular target for mom-shamers who seem to have distressingly strong opinions on pretty much everything — including her daughter's hair.

This week, Simpson shared a photo of her daughter Max with the ends of her hair colored, a look that was apparently inspired by the character of Mal from the film version of Disney's Descendants. The proud mom took her daughter to the famous West Hollywood Nine Zero One salon where stylist Riawni Capri has worked on people like soccer player Megan Rapinoe and dancer Julianne Hough, according to People.

In a secondary photo from the day taken inside the salon, it's clear that Max is having a blast. Even Capri herself took to Simpson's Instagram to note, "She was a natural, in her natural habitat. I think we will be seeing her more than her momma."

But still the mom-shamers were having none of it. One Instagram user wrote, "Isn't she too young to have her hair dyed?" while another commented, "So young, it's a shame." Yet another commented, "why start ruining her hair so young.

There were several more comments along the same lines, with a few of Simpson's fans making a point of jumping to her defense. As one social media user pointed out, "Allowing her to express herself and trying new things that aren't permanent nor hurtful but allow her to embrace her style and set the tone for who she wants to be while not being scared to try new things and be herself."

Simpson hasn't responded to the negative comments, of course. She rarely does, sadly because she's probably grown pretty accustomed to the frequent backlash. In the past, as Women's Health reported, she was mom-shamed for sharing a photo of Birdie resting face down in her bassinet (although in this case she did respond, telling fans that her daughter sleeps on her back and this was just a pose).

As much as I would love to tell the mom-shamers to stop, I know it won't make a difference. Fortunately Jessica Simpson and her family are so busy living their best lives that I seriously doubt it concerns them too much.