This Mom Found The Most Thoughtful Anonymous Gift & Note Left On A Changing Table

by Jen McGuire

Here's something I learned very early on as a mom: It's really, really hard to go it alone. I wanted to be one of those moms who was independent, but the truth was I needed other people. I'm sorry to tell you, but I needed other moms specifically — women who understood what I was going through and what might help me get through the day even when I didn't always know what might get me through the day. So when I saw this mom's anonymous gift left on a changing table for another mom, it got me pretty emotional. Moms helping moms is honestly what it's all about.

Tiffany Daniels, a mom living in Tennessee, was out having dinner at a Chili's recently when she took her daughter to the restroom to change her diaper, according to Good Morning America. When she walked in, she was so moved by a note she found that she took a picture and couldn't help sharing it on a local Facebook page called Hip Hermitage. According to the post shared earlier this month, a fellow mom had left a fresh package of baby wipes with a note that read, "Hey there Mom! We've all been there... ran out of wipes or even forgot them! If that's you today, we hope this helps! Take what you need and leave the rest. Remember you're awesome!"

This is one of those beautiful, simple ideas that never occurred to me but now that I've seen it, this makes so much sense. Baby wipes are one of those things that seem to dwindle away in a diaper bag until you reach in and discover you've run out and hit the panic button. Not only would it be helpful to find some baby wipes left behind in a restroom, as Daniels captioned in her Facebook post, it's also just heartwarming to know someone is thinking of you.

"I went to Chili’s in Hermitage today and took my daughter to the restroom to change her and once I opened the changing table this was there," she wrote on Facebook on July 13. "Although I didn’t need them it warmed my heart to see this act of kindness. Very Hip! It made my day so I could only imagine how it could make another momma feel if she did need them at the time."

Of course I'm not the only one who found this sweet note inspiring. Other social media users took to the post to share their gratitude. "Potty training for us took ages and I was caught without wipes an embarrassing number of times," one fellow parent wrote. "This is truly a blessing!"

Another chimed in, "That's so awesome. Little acts of kindness go such a long way."

"I love how people make generous choices completely of their own free will!" one more said.

At the end of the day we are all in this together, but sometimes parenting can feel awfully isolating. How lovely is it for someone to reach out with something so simple, so small, and yet so integral to the flow of a mom's day? I hope this person's act of kindness inspires others. I know it inspired me.